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Health and social care essay. Legislation and Discrimination.

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´╗┐Unit 2 : Assignment 1 Social Factors 1. Ethnicity defines individuals and groups who have shared characteristics such as language, religion, dress, and origin. Ethnic groups in the United Kingdom include English, Welsh, Scottish, Indian, Irish, Pakistani and Chinese. Discrimination or stereotyping occurs when people consider the ethnic characteristics of other people as being inferior to their own. Ethnicity is a factor that society deals with unequally, but ethnicity does promote equality in society, because it generally shows that everyone will have different skin tones and features, but when it comes down to it, we are all equal. Legalisations set up such as The Race Relations Act 1967, is set up to promote equality through ethnicity, this act of parliament has made it unlawful to discriminate because of someone?s race in employment, housing or services. 1. We are all born with a Gender, classified as birth as either a male or female. There are assumptions made about a person?s gender that can lead to discrimination taking place. It was assumed that men were more important than women and they should have more rights than women. Men and women are not the same; they may be equal on the other hand. ...read more.


A Local Health Care Amina is 58 years old; she has received severe burns to her leg during a house fire, which now affects her mobility. Amina?s rights have been taking aboard and she?s treated in the way she?s expected. 1. To be allowed privacy/ To be respected 1. She visits the GP four times a week, to get her wounds dressed by the practice nurse, which also happens to be a female nurse, respected by her decisions due to her religious beliefs, this shows her rights have been fulfilled and it would make her feel more comfortable and allowed her privacy, also it shows they respect her wishes as a individual and do act upon it, leaving Amina feeling happy that she?s gotten a female nurse. 1. To be able to communicate using preferred methods 1. Amina has only been living in the UK for 8months, and has difficulty speaking and understanding English; her local health care centre has made her life easier by assisting her with a translator provided by the health centre to help her get her message across through communication, this shows Amina?s preferred communication method has been respected and allows her to get the service she needs. ...read more.


disadvantage of a Right to life for Paul it?s not something he always had, so he?d have to adapt to it in a longer process, although it will show him he?s own values as a human being. Empathy benefits Paul because he receives understanding from the workers at the centre for homeless and also affection towards him & communication will benefit him and a staff member. Social justice allows Paul to have equal rights and opportunities, being equivalent to everyone else and have him feel welcomed, aswell as effective communication allowing Paul to feel greeted and welcomed in a genuine way, and also him being able to understand & interpret anything the staff members say, it provides clarity, without clarity messages can be ambiguous, lacking definition and purpose. D1 The principles and the value promotes the rights of the individual by the promotion of equality and opportunity shown in the centre for homeless people, empathy given allows Paul to see that the local care centre promotes equality by advertising notices about equality and diversity around the building. Paul?s rights have been taken on board and the centre for homeless people is working in order to fulfil those rights. Everyday luxury is provided for the individual, which is a general right to life for anyone. ...read more.

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