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Health and social care, OCR Nationals double award promoting health and well being

Extracts from this document...


Introduction. This coursework will be based on unit 2, which is promoting health and well-being. I will look at understanding health and well being by including positive, negative and holistic definitions of health. Further, I will consider different aspects and cultures, which affect health. I am going to observe a client and analyse the PIES while taking health measures for him. In the end of my assessment, I would set targets for my client to improve his health and also provide leaflets and brochures and include information from experts to motivate him to stick to the plan. I will make him aware about the effects a bad lifestyle may have on him. This coursework is laid in sections as section A, B, C and D. Section A will contain definitions of health, how cultures look at health and the history of the health care sector; how it changed over time. In section B, I will look at factors affecting health and will also introduce my client while looking at the factors affecting his PIES. In section C, I will collect life style records of Mr. Jayaweera, who is my client to look at his PIES in detail and prepare health plans. Section D will look at how my plans are SMART. This will give a description about how the plans will benefit my client. Note: The bracketed information at the end of some sentences refers to the bibliography. E.g.: (Bib.1) refers to the first source in the bibliography "GCSE Health and Social Care for OCR. (Text book)" Section A Defining Health. This section, is mainly based on understanding health and well-being. Different people look at health in different ways. It can depend on their culture, environment, religion or age group. In order to have a clear understanding about how the people look at health, I have conducted a survey from a random sample of people who belongs to the above groups (e.g. ...read more.


Cigarette Biscuits and tea with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Biscuits and tea with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Traditional Sri Lankan sweets and tea with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Dinner String hoppers with meat curry. Cigarette Hoppers with egg and a vegetable curry. Cigarette String hoppers with fish curry and sambol. Cigarette Toast with boiled chickpeas and fish. Cigarette String hoppers with meat curry and sambol. Cigarette Noodles with vegetables and meat. Cigarette Parota with meat curry. Cigarette Before sleep Coffee with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Coffee with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Coffee with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Coffee with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Coffee with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Coffee with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Coffee with 3 tsps full of sugar. Cigarette Vegetable curries- According to Jayaweera, this varies in different days. It can be a potato curry, a carrot curry and etc. The table above shows you how you are used to eat within a particular day, as you have told me. At the moment, you are not eating healthily. For example, on many mornings, you take a plate of white rice. This is not good enough for your health as white rice can increase your blood sugar level more. In another instance, you take 3 teaspoons full of sugar when you drink tea, coffee or milk. If I go further, your diet doesn't contain much fruits. You are taking lots of carbohydrates and therefore, your diet isn't balanced and it doesn't have all the required nutrients for a healthy life. I will prepare you a weakly plan which contains healthy foods which can improve your health. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Bed tea Glass of milk with 2 tsps full of sweeteners Glass of milk with 2 tsps full of sweeteners Glass of milk with 2 tsps full of sweeteners Glass of milk with 2 tsps full of sweeteners Glass of ...read more.


He will be able to maintain a good figure and lead a healthy life, while maintaining a healthy BMI. > It will develop his intellectual health Jayaweera will not be too stressed after following the tips on how to become less stressed. It will give his mind a chance to think about other things. He can concentrate on things, which could increase his knowledge. For example, he can read books peacefully and can teach his students well. > It will develop his emotional health Jayaweera knows that he is not doing the things, which keeps him in a risk such as smoking, not taking a balanced diet and not exercising. This makes him happy. In addition, Jayaweera gets stressed less; therefore, he is emotionally fit. After he starts to meditate, he will feel that he is refreshed. This can also give him a good emotional health. > It will develop his social health: Jayaweera's friends know that he is successful and is not smoking. This will help him to get the interest of his friends. In addition they can recognise that he is strong and fit than before through exercise and a balanced diet. They will like him more. After the end of each of my plans, I will meet Jayaweera to see how successful he has been. I will talk to him more, and inquire about how successful he is. If he has failed, I will make my plans last longer so that it will be more easier. For example, the plan on reducig smoking lasts for 54 days. However, if it is difficult for Jayaweera to reach the targets in the plan, I will make it last longer. It can be for a week further. I will also measure his peak flow reading again to see whether and how it has improved. Further, I will keep a regular check of his BMI to make sure that it is within the normal levels. In addition, I will measure his blood glucose levels to check how it has changed. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Health and Social Care section.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

Overall this is a highly detailed report. It has a great deal of strengths demonstrating the writers knowledge and understanding of how lifestyle choices can affect health and wellbeing. It demonstrates a clear understanding of the PIES and environmental factors that affect a persons health. Negatives regarding this report are that in some sections it is very repetitive, and begins to become quite boring for the reader. ****

Marked by teacher Michelle Turrell 08/01/2013

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