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Health and social Job description of a head teacher

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In a primary school there are many types of job people can do like teachers, head teacher, dinner lady, support staff, deputy head and etc. the most important job in a school are a head teacher and the teaching staff. Job description of a head teacher One of the most important of these jobs is the head teacher. The head teacher plays an important part in the school. The head teacher is responsible for everything that happens in school. The head teacher has to manage the teachers performance and ensuring that all staff meet their targets so that they can improve standards in each of there role. At the school there is 33 staff. This means the head teacher is responsible for all the staffs' action. Every day is different for a head teacher because they have to do something different because she might be talking to a parent one day and she might be a teacher the next day. A head teacher needs to listen and deal with different people at different levels because it is vital. She also needs to prioritize her work load because she needs to deal with many different responsibilities and meet different deadline. ...read more.


The teaching staff can be nay teachers. They can be maths teacher, science teacher, English teacher etc. a primary school teacher develop schemes of work and lesson plans for students. The lessons must be appropriate and it must fit in the national curriculum. The teachers have to get along with all the students and make good relationship with them and by their organisation of learning resources and the classroom learning environment. They have to the students with the learning. Teaches s have to facilitate and encourage the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable optimum development of children. This has to be done through the student's age, ability and talent. They have asses each child and get the child ready for the (SATS) Standard Assessment Tasks. Teachers need to be able to find new was of encouraging students and new ways to learning students new things. Primary school teachers need to inspire and challenge pupils. There are two types of primary school teachers. Key stage one primary school teachers and key stage two primary school teachers. Primary school teachers have lot of activity they need to do each day. It can be learning the national curriculum. This is so the teacher now what to teach and what not to teach. ...read more.


in English GRADES C OR ABOVE A GCSE (or recognised equivalent) in Mathematics GRADES C OR ABOVE A GCSE (or recognised equivalent) in a science subject if you want to teach primary or key stages 2/3 GRADES C OR ABOVE A UK degree (or equivalent qualification) PASS To become a primary school head teacher you will need lot of experience. You will need two year degree in early year Childhood Education, Child Development. You will also need CDA credential or completion of CDA credential within one year of employment. You will also need a minimum of four year experience working with young children. You will also need to demonstrate ability to relate and respectfully to disabled and non disabled children and with their families. You will need to communicate properly with adults and children. You will need to be able to deal with the pressure of early child hood education. You will have to show that you can work corporately with adults as part of staff team. You will have to show that you can solve problem and lead a team. You will need to show that you ca work properly with young children and ensure safety during indoors and outdoors and emergency situation. You will need to show that you have a strong verbal communication. You will need to show that you have good judgement in matters involving with students, staff and parents. Muhammed Junayed Mizan ...read more.

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