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health and social section E Health Plan

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John's Health Plan: My Client's health targets: these are the negative factors in John's lifestyle: ==> Smoking ==> Lot of fat in his diet, unbalanced diet. ==> Lack of sleep ==> Lot of sweet foods eaten The 2 most significant factors which need to be improved in this health plan are smoking and eating a lot of fat in your diet. When asked, you told me that on average you smoke 30 cigarettes per day, and your eating diary for the week in the questionnaire indicates that fat and salt levels are over the recommended limit. Factor to be improved Reasons Method Quit smoking Prevent breathlessness, infections, cancers, weight problems, bad breath, nail/eye colour, improve fitness levels, clothes smelling, heart disease, bronchitis, strokes, stomach ulcers, gum disease, hardened arteries, and impotence. Use nicotine patches, NHS smoking help lines, advice from GP, other things to occupy yourself, read leaflets, get involved in "the big quit" campaign. Reduce levels of fat in diet, and generally eat healthier. Prevent heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and malnourishment. Improve fitness levels, and metabolism Eat more fruit and generally have a more balanced diet. SMART targets for quitting smoking: S - Stop smoking. M - Go from 30 cigarettes per day to 0. A - Smoke one less cigarette per day. R - Use patches (low strength), and will power. T- Completely stop smoking within 60 days. SMART targets for eating healthier: S - Eat more healthy foods M - To be eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, and to reduce salt intake to a maximum of 6g maximum, and reduce fatty foods to less than 30 % of the total daily intake from all foods. A - By gradually introducing foods with less fat and salt. R - Gradually introduce foods with less fat and salt with new recipes and menus. T - Achieve the goal of reducing fat and salt intake to 30% fat (or less), and 6g of salt (or less), within 5 - 8 weeks Short and long term targets: Short term targets (within 2 weeks) ...read more.


Boost coleslaw's flavour by tossing in grated lemon peel or juice. Motivation: To help you to become motivated, you should look at the NHS's "smoking" leaflet. This will help motivate you as it shows you the effects of smoking, to deter you from actually smoking. It also gives quotes and testimonials of people who have used the service to show you that the process works and how it has helped other people. This will encourage you to persevere. Along with this, the leaflet uses positive language and tells how "stopping smoking is the single most helpful thing you can do to improve your health". This is very good to urge you to stop smoking. It shows you how much money you can save per year as an incentive to stop, and tells how easy it is to quit. Not only does it explain the benefits, it gives simple and easy ways of stopping, from calling their help lines, to visiting an actual clinic, and tells how they have trained advisers to make you feel more comfortable. Positive pictures and healthy looking people are used in relevant sections to portray how much healthier people are when they stop smoking. The service is free, and this will motivate you further to pursue the goal. The two other methods of motivation are the "big quit" website and "you are what you eat programme". The big quit is a government run campaign to stop people smoking. It shows you all the harmful effects that smoking causes and this would deter anybody from smoking. It also gives you things to do if you're feeling the cravings while stopping. Along with this, they send you 'motivational emails' every day to show you what you have achieved in terms of health e.g. how you're less likely to catch cancer after a day. Along with these, it has many other small incentives to motivate you. ...read more.


This can help with feeling healthier. If you cut down on the salt, this combines with the lowered fat intake to aid in increased fitness and organ functions. Intellectually, it will increase your awareness of what to eat and the different food groups. But this will only be effective if you read the leaflets and follow the eating plan for a whole week, as you will gain knowledge on which types of foods to eat and the quantities. You will also learn the amounts of calories and percentages of which food groups to consume. Your growth and repair will also improve with the extra Vitamin C from the eating plan, along with your bone structure which will improve with the regulated calcium. Evaluation: You should stick to this health plan because it has many long and short term effects on your life, and potentially will increase the length of your life, and will help you lead a healthier more productive life in terms of fitness. The most impact would come from stopping smoking as it will inflict many positive physical effects on you if you stick to the plan. These positive changes will also merge to help you feel better in your self concept and esteem. It will be the best and most positive change you can make in your life. The most important single change will come from the repairing that your lungs will do from stopping smoking, as it will prevent breathlessness, and cancers. It will have many small different effects, which will all inter-relate to positively influence your bodily functions and lifestyle. This is in comparison with your diet, because if you were obese, then this factor would overtake smoking as a priority of importance. If you stick to the diet, both factors will make you feel and look healthier, and physically be healthier. You will also feel better, and your self concept and esteem will gradually increase with time. If you succeed in the health plan you will also have more self confidence with your new refined fitness and health. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Health and Social Care section.

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