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Health Insurance

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In Australia, the health care system has two main parts, there is the public health care system which is called Medicare and there is a private system which consists of a network of privately owned and operated hospitals, medical centers and health care providers, the cost of which can be partly covered by private health insurance. Medicare is owned and run by the Australian Government. It is designed to provide essential care for eligible Australian residents, including new migrants. Under Medicare, patients can be treated at a public hospital at no charge, and also have access to subsidized treatment by doctors and other health professionals. However, under Medicare, in a public hospital you will not be able to choose your own doctor and for non emergency procedures you will be placed on a public hospital 'waiting list'. ...read more.


Private health insurance helps cover the cost of treatment in a private hospital and because waiting lists in private hospitals are generally much shorter than in the public system, you can expect to be treated sooner. Also with private health insurance you can be covered for a range of other everyday health services that are not covered by Medicare such as dental, physiotherapy, optical items and medically necessary ambulance services. I believe that people with lots of money may have excellent health-care in the United States, but for the majority of us that are living on low incomes, we do not. We make too much to be on Medicaid and too little to afford a good health insurance policy. ...read more.


If you already have coverage and get terminally ill watch how high your premiums will be. When it comes to peoples' lives profit shouldn't matter but in the US it does, in Australia it seems everyone is covered. If someone needs to be seen you can be seen and not have to worry about paying outrages hospital bills. Peoples' medications are covered and the elderly or very ill are not worrying if they will be able to get their medications next month. I understand there are waiting lists for procedures, but it is based on urgency and people have the opportunity to get extra coverage and go to private hospitals if they choose. I wish the United States gave us the choice. Australia's health system may not be perfect either, but at least they are putting the people's health above profit! ...read more.

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