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Health Plan

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Health Plan I have set three targets for my client to achieve: * Stop Smoking * Start doing more exercise * Sleep at proper times I am going to start of with my first target, which is to stop smoking. You smoke 20 cigarettes a day. This equals to 100 cigarettes a week and it is having a bad effect on your health. Over a four-month period I am hoping you will have stopped smoking. Below is a graph of when you smokes cigarettes. Morning Afternoon Evening Monday 6 7 7 Tuesday 4 12 4 Wednesday 5 8 7 Thursday 4 9 7 Friday 3 11 6 Weekend 10 5 5 Month 1: * You are going to cut down from 20 cigarettes to 15 cigarettes. ...read more.


* Now you will have cut down from 15 a day to 10 a day. * You will throw all ashtrays and lighters and all things that could tempt you back into another cigarette. * At the moment you smoke most when you socialise with your friends so I suggest that at the moment you stop going out with them. As they may tempt you back into smoking. * When you do go out with your friends try to go to places where they do not allow smoking. Month 3: * By now you will start to feel your airways becoming clearer. ...read more.


You will be witnessing a lot of withdrawal symptoms so its important you keep busy. My second target: Do more exercise: At the moment you are hardly doing any exercise. In your questionnaire you tell me that you think there is no reason for you to exercise, as you do not have enough time. Exercise has many good aspects and not only does it make you feel good on the outside it also boosts your self-esteem. I would like you to do 2-3 hours of exercise a week. I am hoping you will have a fixed routine of when you will exercise giving you enough time to go about your daily lifestyle to. Week One: * Instead of getting a lift from your mom to school walk for three days a week. ...read more.

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