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Hide and Seek

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T. Button 11:04 Hide and Seek is a poem by Vernon Scannell about a game of hide and seek, there are to voices in the poem one of the narrator and the other a child. The narrator give the boys lots of instructions to do well in the game so he does win such as "they'll never find you in this salty dark" and "don't come out just yet" "uncurl and stretch" & "Out of the shed call out to them" these instructions help the boy hiding, The narrator also gives the ...read more.


I found the mood of the poem strange it constantly changes. To start the mood is excided and happy this is shown by the first line "call out, Call Loud: I'm ready! Come find me!" the explanation marks give the idea of it being shouted out, then the mood changes to be more of a mood of pride the boy is glad he has not been found shown by the line "they must be thinking your very clever." ...read more.


there breath" Hide and Seek is more than likely a story about Vernon Scannell's own childhood memories, the memories that he has don't seem to be that pleasant you would even think that for him is childhood was a bit of a let down, or it may reflect being a child and growing up, happy as a child not having a care about anything playing games and having but as you get older things are not as good life can be scary and you face lots of ups and downs throughout. Words: 394 ...read more.

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