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His name is Joel.

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I see a boy, with short hazel coloured hair, smooth and fair. There are stars in his eyes and they have a gleam of joy in them, full of youth. His skin is pale white and soft, radiated by the moon. When he laughs, the air fills with delight and he makes the eldest of people feel young again. His lips are luscious and twinkle in the moons rays. His name is Joel. His presence makes one feel happy and blissful. When he speaks, it's like listening to a song and never wanting it to stop. The birds in the wildest of areas hear his voice and approach him to get a closer look, to see who the owner of the voice is. ...read more.


His touch and his nature is so pure, that if the devil saw him he would be dazzled by his presence, and turn from evil to good. Even the devil would feel the sensation of being good, the way no other would ever make him feel. The power Joel possess' is so pure that it would take every ounce of evil to change even the slightest bit of him to wickedness. Joel is naive. Mature yet immature. Humorous yet serious. Adult-like yet child-like. He is everything yet nothing. He is indescribable. Innocent, funny, handsome. The woman who is blessed enough to have her life entwined with his is a blessed girl indeed. He has a heart of gold. ...read more.


He is a dream come true. They say to look at the bright side of life. Joel is the bright side of life. His spirit is merry. He is a blithe spirit. He is a free spirit. A man. No...not a man, a child. He has the innocence of a child and gives you the feeling as if every experience, be it the first time or the fiftieth time, is new. Gazing into the world for the first time, like a baby when it comes out of its mother's womb for the first time looking upon the world. He has accessed the child within him and kept a close contact. He is like Peter Pan in Nevernever Land. Social to all, loveable to one, a friend to many and an enemy to none, that is the Joel I know. The angel in disguise. ...read more.

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