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How Daily Routines can help to support children(TM)s care and all round development for 0-3 years.

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How Daily Routines can help to support children's care and all round development for 0-3 years. A daily routine is the pattern of a day. A good routine helps children growth and development because it meets their basic needs. It also helps children feel secure as they know that similar things happen each day. Planning a daily routine "All children benefit from routines in daily care and contribute greatly to the provision of a positive, safe and secure environment." (Childcare & Education Tina Bruce and Carolyn Meggit ISBN:0-340-92539-6) Routines change according to the age of the children. This means that adults planning a daily routine need to think about the needs of the children they are working with. ...read more.


Social- talking and welcoming the teachers, interacting with others. The way to carry these out would be if the children when they come are greeted by happy friendly teachers, this is simply because it would make the children feel better. The children should take off their outside clothes by them selves because this will make then more self reliant. To make it easier for the children to find their belongings each child show have a separate locker/peg for them to put their stuff in/on. Lunchtimes A lunchtime routine is also good for the child because it gives the child a first sense of time as how long they have to eat instead of them rushing and getting distracted. ...read more.


Sleep and Rest times In some pre-schools and nursery's they have a nap time and area. This will suit the children because they will not get tired, because they should have the time each day to rest. This is not compulsory and if a child doesn't want to sleep they can do their own thing quietly. This can be a good opportunity for one2one sessions with the pupils and the teachers. The areas that it will help the Childs development in are: Physically- because the children will grow as they sleep. Intellectually- the books or "mobiles" in the cots or the sleeping area. Language- "Go to Sleep" Songs that might be sung with them. Emotional- If they have a nightmare or a bad dream. Social- When they are being put to sleep or get a story read to them. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

A very good essay that discusses the key points of routines.

The writer has discussed how the routines can help the child's development and has demonstrated good understanding in places.

There is scope for a little more explanation in places and a little more research might help this.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 01/12/2012

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