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HSC socio-economic factors

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P2/D1 - Identify/explain how socio economic factors can affect the growth and development at each life stage. How these influences can be positive and negative. 10 Socio-Economic Factors o Education o Media o Housing o Discrimination o Environment 7 Negative Socio-Economic factors o Alcohol o Drugs o Cigarettes/Smoking o Clothes Income & Expenditure Infancy, Childhood & Adolescence Financially Dependent Positive Negative Diet - Can afford to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat. Able to have a healthy, balanced diet. Toys & Games - Have the latest mobile phones, iPods, video games and other gadgets. Can have their own toys and games. Access to health services - Parents have the money to buy medicines and pay for needed treatments if they are sick. Clothing - Parents can afford to buy them designer clothing and footwear. ...read more.


Adolescents may start to have lack of self-esteem and low self-concept because they won't be able to have designers like their friends have. Good mental health Travel - Their parents might not be able to afford to take them abroad for their summer holidays like their friends. Housing - Might have to share a room with a brother or sister due to small housing because parent aren't able to afford to pay for bigger housing. Education - Parents might not be able to afford to pay for college or university. Adulthood & Later Adulthood Financially Independent Positive Negative Good mental health - No worries or stress that affects the mental health of the adult. Housing - Can afford to provide good housing for their family & children. Diet - - Can afford to buy fresh fruit & vegetables and fresh meat. ...read more.


More risk of illness - Person might not be able to afford medicine needed or medical check ups. Low self-esteem - Might lack self-esteem because the person might think they will get judged and discriminated against because of unemployment. Mental health - Might start to suffer from poor mental health due to stress and worries that are caused by not being able to afford to pay bills and mortgages etc. Loneliness - Older adults might need wheelchairs, walking sticks etc. they might not be able to afford these so they are unable to go out causing them to feel lonely. Heating - Older adults might not be able to afford heating in their homes. This can lead to getting very ill and in some cases can lead to death. Work - Adults might not be able to spend time with their children because they are busy working to earn enough money to sustain themselves and their families. ...read more.

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