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Human life span development essay

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´╗┐Laila Suleiman Assessment Unit 8 ? Victoria P1 Human life span development For this unit I will produce a fact file booklet that can be used by future Health and Social Care students. In this booklet I will include; The life stages: conception, birth and infancy (0-3 years); childhood (4-10 years); adolescence (11-18 years); adulthood (19-65 years); old age (65+) I will be looking at development changes that occur at different life stages, and I will also describe physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development through the life stages. I will also include definitions of growth and development, developmental norms, developmental milestones, life course, maturation and life expectancy. 1. Physical development includes aspects such as growth, changes at puberty, menopause and ageing. Growth is usually described as an increase of size, height, weight or shape, and development is meant to describe changes in complexity. 1. Intellectual and language aspects of development includes rapid learning in the early years (language, moral development, problem solving) and learning throughout life including the effect of age on intellectual ability. 1. Emotional aspects of developing include early attachment and bonding; Independent and self-confidence 1. Social aspects of developing should include social and cultural influences which include cooperation, teamwork, relationships, beliefs and norms. Conception, birth & Infancy (0-3) What is conception? ...read more.


They have a good balance (5years old) and smoother muscle action and they can also tie shoes. Girls have smaller muscles compare to boys but for other developments girls are about 1 year ahead of boys. Intellectual and language development At the age of 5 and above they should be able to say about 2,072 words, Carrie out directions well, read and write their name, know all the different colures and this is time they begin to know the difference between fact and fiction- lying. Emotional development They are stable, well adjusted, like to associate with mother or mother or father, enjoys responsibilities and they also seem to like following rules. Social development They have one or two special friends, highly organised, they enjoy playing table games requiring turns and observing rules and they are so willing to carry out some responsibilities. Adolescence (11-18) Physical development As children approach and move through adolescence, they proceed through few stages of puberty. There are a lot of differences between girls? development and boys? development. Most girls begin to develop breast buds at 8 years old, with full breast development achieved around 12 to 18 years. By the time girls and boys turn to 11 years old, they would have started their puberty, of cause it depends on your body. ...read more.


a clear idea of who he or she anymore and apart from health problems they can suffer from being stereotyped- by mostly teenagers. Social development Older people live a very active life once they retire and they make new friends as on the other hand health problems and impairments can create difficulties that mean they are very isolated and lonely. Old age (65+) Physical development The ageing process progresses more quickly once most people reach their sixties. By the time people reach their sixties they will have to deal with some sort of disability. It is important to know that being older is not an illness. Intellectual and language development Old people are still able to learn different kind of skills and hobbies, which has been shown to help people age in a positive way. They can learn a foreign language, play few games and learn how to play some musical instruments. Older people are less able to solve problems as quickly as adulthood. Emotional development Many older people are pleased to have more free time to them, at this time they are able to spend their retirement visiting their family and friends or pursuing their hobbies. Social development Many people prepare for retirement by developing interests that can be followed later and others may do voluntary work. These kind of social interactions have been shown to be important for a healthy older person. ...read more.

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