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I am doing a discursive essay on abortion I am against the whole matter of abortion.

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Discursive Essay I am doing a discursive essay on abortion I am against the whole matter of abortion. How would you like it for your life to be taken away from you before you could even see the light of day, you have your freedom of speech taken away... I am arguing against the matter of abortion because it basically murder of a child when you think about it realistically. Taking it from the parents point of view if they don't want their child to be born they shouldn't of created the child in the first place. If it was teenagers who needed the abortion it is understandable because they can't cope with a child at their age. ...read more.


of the child haven't developed enough to cope with child birth and also the parents are not ready mentally for childbirth also because they're not ready for the amount of commitment involved in razing a child. It is also argued that if you get a baby scan and the child appears to be deformed people think it isn't as bad to put the child out o it's miserly before the child grows up with the shame of being disabled. There are alternatives to abortion if the parents do not want the child the mother of the child could go ahead with the childbirth and put the child up for adoption because the mother got herself into the pregnancy she deserves to go through the pain of childbirth. ...read more.


I hope I have convinced yours that child abortion should be illegalised in every part of the world and I hope you will take some of the points into account. My conclusion on the whole matter is that I believe child abortion is very wrong and should be illegalised as soon as it can and in allot of opinions child abortion is the wrong way to go to get rid of a child they could always put it into an orphanage or if they didn't want to go thought with the pain of child birth they could of adopted a child or something or they just shouldn't of got them selves into the position where they have to decide over a life of a human. THE END ...read more.

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