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I am going to develop an action plan for Sarah Macintosh. She is 22 and single. Sarah is slightly overweight

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Action plan I am going to develop an action plan for Sarah Macintosh. She is 22 and single. Sarah is slightly overweight and despite her best efforts and 5 GCSEs cannot find a job she is happy with, she is slightly picky however. At the moment she is living with her single parent sister and her 2 children and their little dog but she is not happy with where she lives and would like to get a house of her own someday. This however is very hard because she is in huge debt and can barely afford food, often borrowing money from her sister. She can't stop buying unnecessary items of clothing from expensive designer labels. The debt and lack of independence and space has leaded her to deep depression. She understands that she is not healthy and rated her own health as 2/5 and admitted to not eating enough fruits or vegetables. She doesn't exercise but has shown some interest in trying new sports. She is a heavy smoker and has attempted to stop but still smokes a significant amount of cigarettes, wasting her money and making her ill. She has made it clear she has previously attempted to make improvements to her life (dieting, cutting down on cigarettes and eating five fruit and vegetables) but hasn't followed through and has given up or failed. ...read more.


Frozen yoghurt Sarah doesn't need to follow this exactly and may make modifications but it is important she remembers to switch from sugary drinks to no added sugar drinks such as water, semi-skimmed milk and fresh juice. She must remember to drink at least 2liters of water daily. She should also only have snacks without added sugar such as fruit, unsalted nuts, Breadsticks, rice cakes or toast, instead of sweets, biscuits, chocolate, cakes and pastries, this should sustain her till the next meal but also not make her put on weight and keep her healthy. Her meals before had way too many carbohydrates in them and not enough salads or vitamins she should make sure she only has one type of carbohydrate on her plate per meal and to always have a salad or vegetable, she should also aim to have only one helping of food. Her plate should be divided accordingly to this chart. The lack of exercise Sarah does is also a concern. She said she occasionally walks to work a short 15 minute journey. This is nowhere near enough and should at least be walking to work and back every day. I also recommend her joining the local gym and should start going swimming at least once weekly, her interest in volleyball might mean she could also enjoy basketball, and should also attempt to join a club or local team or gather with some friends and play on a weekly basis. ...read more.


She couldn't afford any of the courses in the university but found a class in the local library teaching Spanish and has found it very useful. She has kept her job working as a cashier and is starting a later shift as a waitress in a cafe. She is saving a lot of money and is looking at renting a house in her sister's neighbourhood. She is still interested in university courses and will continue searching. Sarah has agreed to join an anti-smoking support group. I will track her progress to a healthy life through them. She will also be weighing herself on a weekly basis and make improvements on the diet I have set her, depending on how much weight she has lost/gained. Her friends have agreed to support her through her exercise routine and promised to encourage her to not quit. Sarah has also agreed to keep a diary in which she will write what she has learnt or achieved, daily. This will help her become more aware of her progress and motivate her to try harder to get a better job. To acheicve D1 1) You need to set your client short term and long term targets. 2) How progress in meeting targets will be monitered 3) More detail on how this plan takes into account the circumstances on your client including preformances ?? ?? ?? ?? P3.My client ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

I thought this was a very good plan overall. The writer identifies the problems and mostly devises realistic and appropriate goals to address the issues. I was particularly pleased with the menu plan. Remember to use evidence to support comments about weight or cigarette usage. It is not enough to say 'she smokes a lot'. The writing style is good on the whole which helps the reader to understand the points being made.

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 16/04/2013

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