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I am going to observe a 3-year-old girl over the next 6 months. In each 6 visits I will observe and record the development.

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Sana Javed T11EP Childcare Coursework Observational Study on Ammna Introduction I am going to observe a 3-year-old girl over the next 6 months. In each 6 visits I will observe and record the development. O the introductory visit I will record Ammna's details, physical and mental, her personality, home and local environment and her development in the four stages of intellectual, emotional, and social behaviour. Ammna's Fact File Name: Ammna Farooq Age: 3 yrs old from 29 September Date of Birth: 29/09/99 Weight: 2 3/4 stone Height: Shoe size: 6 (27) Build: Quite tall for age, slightly plump Legs: Smooth and straight Feet & toes: Long and thin Hands: Medium and thin Face shape: round Complexion: Light creamy brown, flushed cheeks Eyes: Dark brown Nose: Medium and straight, clean Hair: Dark brown, straight, fine. Facial Expression: Happy, always smiling. Teeth: All teeth in, no fillings Personality Ammna is a very happy child, who at first comes across by being slightly shy, but then appears very confident around strangers. She is very lively and active, and likes to be apart of things; she shows a lot of eagerness, she shows a lot of excitement when she sees new people. ...read more.


It also has a gate and fence to make is secure. The house is not that close to any shops thought they are nearby enough to walk to. There is a park in the area thought it is accessible by car, or 15 minutes walk. There is a local library where Ammna goes with her mum, and a doctor's surgery. There house is near the main bus stops and train station which means it is accessible and there are main roads, which lead to the by-pass and into the main city. Social Development Ammna has been mixing with other children her age for quite a while as she goes to a pre-school group. She enjoys playing with other children and has many friends, who she likes to talk about. When her dad is at work over the weekday her mum looks after and when her mum is at work over the weekend her dad looks after her. Ammna has never had a childminder or been looked after any one other than her family, relatives or family friends. ...read more.


Like every child she has her grumpiness and tantrums though they are not that serious, and are usually forgotten within hours as she normally gets what she wants. Ammna is quite selfish as she is as I mentioned before an only child and needs to learn to share. She can be very demanding when she wants and impatient. She is uneasy around strangers at first, a bit shy and cautious, and notices when her parents aren't there. She is quite dependent on her parents but soon gains confidence and trust in people, but she is more confident when her parents or some that she knows well is in the room. Physical Development Ammna walks very well on her feet, she can walk, run, climb stairs all independently and enjoys bodily actions. There is a slide in her back garden, which she can climb and slide on, alone. She can throw a ball and catch it but not most of the time. Her hand-eye co ordination is very good; she can feed herself and drink. She has good hand skills and has begun to use more complicated grasps and manipulation skills. ...read more.

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