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I have chosen homeless people as a vulnerable group. In this essay I am going to introduce homelessness and the issues concerned with homelessness. I am going to discuss their needs and what organisations are available to homeless people.

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I have chosen homeless people as a vulnerable group. In this essay I am going to introduce homelessness and the issues concerned with homelessness. I am going to discuss their needs and what organisations are available to homeless people. There are many different definitions given to the term "homelessness". Homelessness can be defined as people who have no accommodation e.g. sleeping rough or people who are in temporary accommodation such as a shelter, B & B, squat and people who are staying with friends or relatives who cannot provide accommodation for them in the longer term (Donnellan, 2004). Focus Ireland states that homelessness is people who have no accommodation and are unable to provide accommodation for themselves e.g. people who are living in a hospital, county home, night shelter or other such institutions (Focus Ireland, 2009). Simon community states that homelessness is about the lack of security, the lack of belonging, the lack of privacy and the lack of safety (Simon Community, 2009). There are different types of homelessness as follows: Visibly homeless are people who are sleeping rough or in emergency accommodation. ...read more.


(Vostanis et el, 1999) These children need the basic needs as every individual does. They need to be put into care where they will be given the opportunity to training and education so they can lead a normal life. Among all homeless people, the highest number of homeless is young people who have left care or other such institutions; this has increased from two to eight. (Kelleher et el, 2000) This shows that the problem is getting worse and that their needs are not been met. Follow on or after care should be put into place for young people when they leave care. After coming out of care young people need help finding their feet and steady accommodation. A lot of homeless people are single adults. A survey found that in Dublin alone there were 1439 single homeless people, the majority been men. (Combat Poverty, 2009) These single adults needs are not been met are they are at greater risk of turning to drugs or alcohol. There needs to be more affordable housing for single people. At the moment a single person would find it very difficult to be accepted on the housing list because they have no children. ...read more.


The following list is a group of organisations who provide voluntary services such as the Simon Community, Focus Ireland, the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Hail, Samaritans and many more. In this essay I am going to focus in more detail on the Simon Community and Focus Ireland. Focus Ireland aim to help people find a safe place they can call home. They provide help and support to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Focus Ireland provide a number of services e.g. short term accommodation, transitional programmes, training and education programmes. They also support homeless people in finding and settling into long term accommodation with after care to ensure they can manage. This organisation also has a day centre where people can go to get off the streets and avail of low cost meals. The Simon Community is another organisation that aims to get homeless people off the streets. They provide similar services to Focus Ireland. I particularly like this organisation because they go out onto the streets to find people that need help, they don't sit and wait for people to come to them. They also provide a soup run everyday to people who are sleeping rough and they provide alcohol and detox treatment for their patients. ...read more.

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