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I have decided to carry out my observational child study on Bethany. She is my sister's child. Her birthday is on the 14th November and her age now is 3years and 4months.

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Andrea Kelly Observational Child Study I have decided to carry out my observational child study on Bethany. She is my sister's child. Her birthday is on the 14th November and her age now is 3years and 4months. Physical description The name of the child is Bethany. She is three years and 4months; her date of birth is 14/11/98. She weighs 2stone 4lb and her height is 37". The average weight for a child her age is around 2stone 2lb to 2stone 3lb and the average height for her age is 38" - 39". So Bethany is 2lb over the average weight and 1-2" shorter than the average height Her general build is tall and quite plump. Her complexion is smooth and tanned and her cheeks go rosy in the cold. Her hair is blonde and its fine and wavy and it is wispy when she first wakes up in a morning. Her eyes are big and brown and perfectly round and they are the first things you notice when you look at her. She has a little button nose. Her hands are medium size and quite plump, her shoe size is a size 9 but in some shoes she's a size 8. Her legs are chubby and smooth and they are tanned. Bethany's facial expressions are cheeky and alert but sometimes she has a very serious expression and you can tell by her face when she's in a temper. ...read more.


"A child at three can ride a tricycle pedals and can steer it round wide corners." In a morning Bethany can undress her and climb in the bath alone, she also brushes her own teeth. "At four years can wash and dry hands. Brushes teeth. Can undress." At these things Bethany is over average. Bethany also eats her food alone using a fork and spoon; she holds her fork in the palmer grip. " At four years a child can eat skilfully with a fork and spoon." Again this shows Bethany is over average. When Bethany is playing she can jump, run and kick a ball, she can also sometime catch a large ball. Bethany can draw faces and people and she holds her pencil in her preferred hand, which is her right, and she holds it with pincer grip sometimes palmer. "At three years a child holds pencil near the point in preferred hand, between the first two fingers and thumb and uses it with good control. Also draws person with head and usually indication of one or two features and parts." All the quotes I have used during this passage are from Mary Sheridan book called 'Birth to Five years'. Intellectual Skills Bethany can speak in clear sentences using short and long words. "Large vocabulary intelligible even to strangers, but speech contains many immature phonetic substitutions and unconventional grammatical forms. ...read more.


One of the reasons she is so sociable is because she goes to playschool three times a week, so she has many friends. Nearly everyday Bethany has someone to play with because her Nan looks after her cousin as well and their both the same age. This shows social play. Bethany likes to pretend she is someone else like being a mum or an animal, this is imaginative play. She is also always running and always active, she likes running as well, this is the physical play. Bethany shows co-operative play because likes doing jigsaws with a partner and helping to bake cakes. Bethany also knows when to say please and thank you and how to share and take turns with her toys. Bethany is fully toilet trained but still sometime wears a pull up nappy for bed if she has had a lot to drink before she goes to sleep. She knows what's right and wrong because if she has done something wrong she will hide. The only time Bethany shows anti-social behaviour is when she is tired or not had enough sleep, or if someone is making her angry or teasing her. When she is angry she will fight and argue back to another child or adult. She will also smack and pinch when you ignore her. One of the quotes from Mary Sheridan's book 'Birth to Five years is "A child at four years is inclined to verbal impertinence with adults and quarrelling with playmates when wishes crossed. 1 ...read more.

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