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In 1989 I began to attend St James' Primary School in Wakefield.

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In 1989 I began to attend St James' Primary School in Wakefield. During the next six years I was educated in various subjects stated by the national curriculum. Learnt a large number of basic numerical skills, which I will now be using throughout my life. I progressed into Kettlethorpe High School in the academic year of 1997-1998. I had to study a broad range of subjects for three years, these subjects included English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Drama, Art and design and production based subjects (e.g. Graphic products, Design technology and textiles). By studying these subjects I attained a wide range of knowledge of various subject areas and the necessary stills required. At the end of the three years I then had to specify my GCSE courses. The decision was not easy, as I had attained particularly high grades in all of these subjects. ...read more.


The two pieces of coursework consisted of a research study into a topic of my choice, which was "Healthy Eating Habits". The second piece was an observational study of a child, observing their development over a period of six months in the four aspects of development (physical, social, emotional and intellectual development). I enjoyed the second piece of coursework the most as I felt I learnt a whole new skill in observing the progression of a child, and this was the most enjoyable as it was more practical than the other piece of coursework as I was personally able to interact with the child. This confirmed my idea and career interest in working with young children and I think from this course I have now some background knowledge on Child Development. I have also in school I had the opportunity to work with younger pupils who have had learning difficulties and helping them with their reading. ...read more.


This is a subject area I feel I have found most enjoyable. In English Language I have always found some difficulty, which hasn't affected may grades dramatically but is a subject area that I find is my weakest point. But over the past two years of my GCSE course I feel I have progressed a lot, to a standard of which I am very proud. I particularly feel that from the help of my subject teacher I was able to progress to this standard and I am very grateful to them for the help, which I have received. At the moment I fell I am either learning new skills or improving on those I have already acquired. With the new skills I am beginning to realise my strengths and weaknesses. I have found that I have a good ability to understand and listen to other people, which enables me to grasp new ideas and progress further. ...read more.

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