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In this assessment am going to be discussing theories of communication

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´╗┐Felicia hills P1: effective communication Introduction In this assessment am going to be discussing theories of communication and am going to be including Argyles stages of communication cycle and Tuckman stages of group interaction. They are many ways barriers can be affected and in this assignment I will be talking about the languages how it effect communication, culture, background and area you live in. I will also be covering the way it can be overcome. What is effective communication? Effective communication is when the person/people understood what your message is. For example if you are talking to youths in London than you could use slang but if you used slang to an adult than they wouldn?t understand what you are trying to say. ...read more.


Tuckman suggested that most groups go through a process involving four stages. Forming- people meeting for the first time and sharing formation. storming- involves tension, struggle and sometimes arguments about the way the group might function Norming- sees the group coming together and consciously or unconsciously agreeing on their group values. Performing- being an effectively performing group. The communication cycle Effective communication involves a two way process in which each person tries to understand the viewpoint of the other person. Communication is a cycle because when two people communicate they need to make sure the other person has understood the message. Good communication involves the process of checking understanding, using reflective or active listening. Michael Argyle stages of the commutation cycle. ...read more.


This is one of the ways of looking at this cycle: An idea coded- You have an idea that you want to communicate. Message coded- You think through how you are going to say what you are thinking. You put your thoughts into language or into some other code such as sign language Message sent- You speak, or perhaps you sign or write, or send your message in some other way. Message received- The other person has to sense your message they hear your words or see your symbols. Message decoded- The other person has to interpret or decode your message (what you have said). This is not always easy, as the other person will make assumptions about your words and body language. Message understood- If all goes well then your ideas will be understood but this does not always happen first time. By Kabba Kamara - - ...read more.

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