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In this assessment I am going to demonstrate an understanding of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care.

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´╗┐Health and social care Daryl creek Unit 1 P1, M1&D1 Introduction In this assessment I am going to demonstrate an understanding of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care. I am also going to talk about the types of communication i.e. formal and informal and also what is good or bad communication. Contexts of communication - One-to-one communication When starting a conversation with someone you have never met before, you should first try to start a positive atmosphere with the right kind of feeling. It is also very important to create a positive emotional atmosphere so that the person can feel comfortable with you from the start so you can discuss complicated issues or give information. For example when I was working in the nursery I had to talk to the child that was crying because they didn?t want to leave they parents so I had a one to one conversation with him and I made sure that the child knew that I was happy with him and wanted him to come play with me and to stop crying by my facial expression and body language. I asked him a lot of open questions like ?What did you do at the weekend? and How was you Christmas? He was talking back. He felt relaxed and happy which made him forget about his parents not being around. He was happy to speak to me and he felt like he was not alone. ...read more.


When we wanted to talk to her we used sign language and she could understand everything we were trying to say. In the nursery I was working in there was lots of signs everywhere because children like colours, signs and symbols these are normally in lots of different colours. There could be signs or a symbol for every word in for example... This sign mean wash your hands after using the toilet. Sign language is used a lot even in a nursery because Communication forms Written communication Written communication is the best way of remembering what you have been told for example when I started my work placement I was given an introduction package showing me where everything was and what the nursery was all about. I still use it even through I am working there. Written communication allows you to keep information for as long as you want. When we had staff meeting we would have a sheet that tell as what the meeting is about before the meeting start and the order the meeting is going to go. When something is written its also easier to understand when someone is saying it because you can read it as much times as you want where us if someone is saying it and you miss what there said you would have to ask to say it again and if you keep asking then the person will be angry with you. ...read more.


From the first time you meet someone you usually be able to tell how there are feeling for example if there angry, tried, happy, sad and even frightened even if there haven?t said anything. You can usually guess what a person feels by studying their non-verbal communication. Non-verbal means with out word. We send this message using our eyes, the tone of our voice, facial expression, our hands and arms, gestures with our hands and arms, the hands and arm the angle of our head, and the way we sit To tell people what you?re thinking of or how you are feeling. When I was working in nursery from the first moment I walked in the room where the kids was I new their characters just my the way their was sitting to listen to the story for example some children were next to the teacher listen to teacher does was the children I thought are good students and a child was trying to talk to the other and he said no. So from that moment I could just see who troubles are and who are not. From the moment I walked in I new the children that was happy to see and the ones that are not just by their facial expression and when I said hi the voice of their voice in the reply. I was talking to a member of staff and this child came up to me and put his hands out and I picked him up I didn?t even have to say anything for the child he just felt happy with me. ...read more.

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