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Individual needs within the health and social care sector

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Katie-May Hall Btec First Diploma in Health and Social Care Unit 2 Activity 3 Unit 2 Activity 3. To achieve Pass I must produce a realistic action plan to improve on the health of a chosen individual. To achieve Merit I must describe the factors which may influence the ability of the individual to adhere to the action plan. To achieve Distinction To then explain the potential physical, social and emotional effects on the individual achieving the targets in the action plan. Holly smokes 40 cigarettes a day and works in an environment with other smokers. Type of Plan Objectives/Goals Methods Strengths Weaknesses Short term 0-3 months To cut down Holly's number of cigarettes smoked each day to 20 a day Pick a day to stop Inform Holly's daughters to encourage support Get an appointment with doctor to see if any health implications of stopping Get and appointment with dentist Seek NHS quit smoking help lines Consult local chemist for nicotine replacement products Find out about local quit smoking groups Seek a non smoking environment at work for break times Keep a diary to note 'triggers' for bad days Breathing will become easier Breath will smell better Sleep will be less disrupted Pulse will slow down More money to spend Clothing will smell fresher Food will taste better Will be able to access non smoking areas and make new people Make new friends at self help groups Choosing a good day to stop that is stress free and a day in which you are occupied Smoking is addictive it will be difficult to stop with will power alone May become more stressed and bad tempered May not have access to self help groups May be in a work environment with ...read more.


smoking, caffeine or some prescribed drugs. Work environment may make it difficult to maintain healthy food choices, canteen, drinks/confectionary machines Low income may mean access to the internet is not possible May not have outdoor space at home have to go to local park where personal safety may be at risk LSC may not have money to purchase more clothes Long Term 6 Months Plus Maintain weight loss Continue to make healthy food choices Keep control of portion sizes Continue to exercise 3 times a week even if its just a brisk walk Educate family members to the benefits of healthy eating and exercise Continuing to eat healthy will lower the risk of heart disease heart, lower cholesterol Being in a healthy weight range will help with mobility; limiting problems with joints and muscles Keeping fit will increase stamina, and strength which in turn helps us to keep independent and make our bodies able to fight infection Looking good will improve our self esteem and make us less self conscious which in turn will help to increase our confidence helping us to be more sociable, it can also help with confidence in intimate relationships. LSC will find it hard to have the money to shop for healthier alternatives LSC may also not have the money to maintain a gym or club membership Loosing weight can make friends jealous if they cant loose weight leading to conflict Changes in job or location, or stress levels can lead to poor diet choices If family members don't stick to the healthy eating plan it will be hard to keep self motivated Being more sociable will introduce more difficulties, eating out, family or at social occasions food choices can be limiting. ...read more.


cost lots of money for tax, insurance, MOT, servicing, purchasing and then fuelling Buses may not reach all rural areas and are restricted by timetables Car sharing relies on passengers travelling when its convenient to the driver and need to be going to the same destination Using charity lead transport is not possible for short notice journeys Taxis offer high price per mile charges Long term 6 months plus To get permanent transport Take driving test Source local papers for cars for sale Read for sale boards at the post office Purchase magazines that specialise in selling cars Look on the internet for cars for sale in your area Attend college for a basic car maintenance course When you have passed your test, you can hire a car if you don't own one Owning a car full time will mean not having to rely on local jobs being able to commute will improve job prospects Being more independent will mean accessibility to local clubs and social events Shopping can be in various places which means you can find the cheaper groceries If you need doctors or have a medical emergency you can go when you need to By attending a local college course you can do basic maintenance yourself Not passing your test first time can lead to more lessons which can be more costly To drive a car cost lots of money for tax, insurance, MOT, servicing, purchasing and then fuelling Being more independent your friends and family can rely on you for transport which leads makes running costs higher Shopping around for groceries uses more fuel and parking charges which in turn can take away the savings at the till College courses may not be run in your area ...read more.

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