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Information on children's behaviour in a 4-5 years reception year in a school

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Sarah Beckingham Unit 4 04/213296 Information on children's behaviour in a 4-5 years reception year in a school Task 1 In order for me to find out the child's development of the observed child. I will first need to find out about the child's typical stages of development and also children of the same age which is 4 years and 11 months. Typical development taken from Meggitt C, 2000: Typical development Child A's development Physical development * develop a good sense of balance and may be able to walk along a line * can stand * walk * run * tiptoe * Can catch, kick, throw and bounce a ball. * Can ride a tricycle with skills and make sharp turns easily. Fine motor: * Can build a tower of ten or more * Able to thread small beads on a lace * Hold a pencil in adult fashion The child was able to do everything on the typical development list. The only thing he found hard was to catch a ball as he missed a couple of times. This can be improved if he keeps on practising and then he will be able to achieve this.


Also not forgetting praising the child for doing it or trying hard at something. Language The childs language development was very good. He was very good at reading the story, by looking at the pictures. He also enjoys stories being read to him. The CW worker could help the child with his reading if it was struggling with a specific thing, for example using word lotto games with words like, mum, dad, dog, the, will help the child develop further reading skills. Cognitive The childs cognitive development was at the right stage, although the child couldn't conserve. This was expected as the child is only close to the age of 5, to be able to conserve the child may be at the age of 7-8, but this cannot be certain. The CW could help the childs cognitive development by playing table top activity games with the child, and to also sing songs so then they can try to remember them. Ways to help develop the childrens needs in the setting The setting could help the childrens development needs in all areas of the work place. The childrens physical can be expanded by letting the children choose what they would like to do outside.


So then the child won't be learning from trial-and-error. Also getting the child to learn the right words when being asked a question instead of using 'what', try saying pardon, or I didn't quite hear you so then the child would learn this from themselves. When they do use the right word, the CW should praise the child as they have remembered their manners. The child's language development is spoken quiet clearly. On the tape observation he was able to read the book of what he could see from the pictures. He speaks very clearly to other children and members of staff. I have noticed he does get a bit upset when children take something that he's playing or looking at. He cries instead of telling the child he was using that. The CW has noticed this and has told him to try and stop crying or try not to cry and to tell the child he was using that. I think this has helped the child's self-esteem because he is becoming more confident with others. To help progress with the child's development is to ask the child questions to progress more with his language development.

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