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introduction to health and well-being

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Introduction to Health & Well-Being In this section I will describe what is meant by the term health and well-being. I will also look at what health means to different cultures and what it has meant in the past. I will also describe what PIES means. Different people have different ways as to how they classify and define health. To different people it means different things. The word 'health' comes from the old English world 'healthe' which means wellness in the soul, mind and body. There are different definitions of health. Health and well-being can be described as the absence of physical illness, disease and mental distress. This is a negative definition of health and well-being. Health and well-being can be described as the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and mental stability. This is a positive definition of health and well-being. English dictionary definition of health:the state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease. ...read more.


The NHS offers many treatment options, including medication, counselling, psychotherapy, complementary therapies and self-help strategies. The NHS offers treatment and services for any problem. For example, speech therapy, hypnotism, chemotherapy, and physiotherapy. The NHS also ahs community workers fo patients that find it hard to get out. These are just some fo the example of the excellent health care we have today in Britain. However, health care in varies in different cultures. For example, the Chinese have very poor standards of health care. In the 1960/70's the Chinese put into place the three-tiered framework centered on rural communities, the population of which has long constituted the majority of Chinese.This completely destroyed China's traditional health care system, which had been in place for thirty years. In the new system the first- tier consisted of "part-time doctors in health clinics who provided preventive and primary care." These " doctors" were farmers who had received a small amount of medical training. ...read more.


Traditional Chinese medicine includes a range of traditional medical practices including treatments such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy, and both Tui na and Shiatsu massage. In India indigenous and traditional medical practitioners pracice throughout the country, treating people like thye are qualified doctors. The two main forms of traditional medicine practiced are the ayurvedic (meaning science of life) system, which deals with causes, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment based on all aspects of well-being (mental, physical, and spiritual), and the unani ia a herbal medical practice. This could put India's people at risk of having the wrong diagosis and not getting treatment they need. Also, people may end up overlooking symptoms because one of these practitioners have told them they are fine. So, there are many different ways to view health. Also, many different cultures view and treat health in lots of different ways. Perosnally I think it is best to view health ina holistic way. This means you will look at a person's entire health and well-being. This wis what I will try to do in my work. I will try to do this by looking at and relating to the PIES. ...read more.

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