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introdustion visit

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Introduction visit Date of visit: 15th of February 2008 Date of birth: 14th of December 2005 Time of visit: 3.45pm The child I am studying is called Kira; she was 2 years and 2 months old at the beginning of my child study. Physical description Kira is 86cm tall. This is shown on the percentile chart in the AQA GCSE Child Development book as just under the 50th centile. This shows that Kira is slightly below average height. She weighs 18kg which is also just below the 50th percentile showing Kira is proportional to her height. Her small shoe size of 4.5 is also consistent with her low height. Kira has a round face and pale complexion, her eyes are bright blue and she has light/mousy brown hair that is straight but curly at the ends. She has got 18 of her primary teeth, only missing the two back upper molars. Personality Kira is a very lively, confident and energetic child. ...read more.


She can walk up and down the stairs, two feet per stair though she is encouraged to come down the stairs on her bottom as the stairs are quite steep. All of which are development milestones for a 2 year old (Brennand and Hall 2006) She is keen to dress herself and can put on her trousers and a top, though needs help with buttons and other fastens. Kira's fine motor skills are also very good; she is able to complete a 16 piece jigsaw independently and can pick up very small things. Her hand eye coordination is developing well; she can thread large beads and card. She is right handed and shows improved tripod grasp when she holds a pencil. She can draw over dots on a page and can draw a circle, placing correctly the eyes, mouth and nose. She also shows good spatial awareness as she manoeuvres around an object which according to Brennand and Hall 2006 is a three year old milestone. ...read more.


However, she does confuse the two sometimes. Kira sometimes has a tantrum if things do not always go her way, for example if she is trying to dress her doll but can not manage it she gets frustrated and shouts. As Kira goes to nursery three times a week she has lots of interaction with children of her own age. Her mum's friend also visits regularly with two children she child minds, so she spends time with them too. Kira is toilet trained, so she just has to ask when she needs the toilet and then she will get taken upstairs. Kira can feed her self with out any help. She doesn't have a bib but she does sometimes make a bit if mess. Kira washes her hands and when she does she demands to use soap and she knows when she needs to wash them, saying 'wash hands'. Kira brushes her teeth she doesn't like it but she is made to brush them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sian Adams GCSE Child Development ...read more.

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