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"Is Home Learning better than School?"

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"Is Home Learning better than School?" "Ladies of the house, Judge and ladies of the court I would like to introduce the argument of 'Is Home learning better than School? I introduce you to Emily and Isabelle first, who are going to talk about 'Home Learning'. They will say both the advantages and the disadvantages. Then India and Mimi are will speak about School and their good advantages and their disadvantages." "Thank you. Both Emily and I are going to talk to you about 'Home Learning.' We will first say the advantages, then the disadvantages and then we shall conclude to you about are little argument. There are many advantages about 'Home Learning'. With home learning it is one-to-one teaching. So you get more attention and most likely to learn more. This one-to-one teaching is quite a good technique to try and make a child concentrate more. We got that piece of information from a governor of the 'Royal, Teaching, With Robots, Association.' When you are at home, learning, there is nobody with you except a computer, so bullying does not exist there. Lots of children are home-schooled due to serious causes of bullying. ...read more.


You could not do maths on it. I mean that you could not show your workings out. It is also very hard to do drama. Although you can do drama on your own it is very hard with a mechanical teacher. Drama is much more fun and exciting if you are in a group because then you can make up plays and do plays with more than one character e.g. Little Woman. One can also not do very interesting discussion sessions. To do a proper discussion session you need more than one person. Also how could a computer do a discussion with you? As my opinion I think that one does not develop one's own opinion because when you are on your own you cannot learn to argue and to think of what you really think. All you do is read the computer and think that, that is the answer. All in all I think that 'Home Learning' is not too bad. I thought that 'Home Learning' had more disadvantages than advantages. Although I should not be saying this because I want to win, I think that learning in 'School' is better. "Thank you. Now will India and Mimi please come up to the front and speak about learning in 'School.' ...read more.


Not even with a severe punishment. Another point is that you do not get all the attention in a class. For example: let's say that you were a class of 40 girls and each girl was at a different standard. All the bright ones would be bored because the teacher is trying to help the girls who are not as bright. So the pace is varied. Also unfortunately some teachers can be quite buyest towards some teachers. I remember when I was at my old school when this teacher used to pick on me. For example; I was about to throw a piece of paper in the bin and then she told me off. But then another girl did the exact same thing but she did not get told off. So that can happen some times. So that concludes our little speech. Thanks to all who listened to us!" "Well thank you. You and the other group did very well. Class dismissed." said the teacher. My opinion is that I would prefer 'School Learning' because although some of the teachers are quite buyest and that bullying is going on I prefer to learn with other people with me. It has a lot more advantages which is much better in the long run. I hope you enjoyed this little play. Olivia Dueser ...read more.

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