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Is it right or wrong to smack your children

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Is it right or wrong to smack your children? The issue of corporal punishment has been aware of for many years especially the smacking of children. Many think it is okay and justified by many things to be able to smack youngsters but just as many believe smacking children is wrong and shouldn't be allowed, some even think that it should be made illegal. Many people argue for smacking, saying that it is right, some of the arguments been that: the person (parent) was themselves smacked as a youngster and this, for some justifies been able to smack their children. Or they might only know snacking as a form of punishment because it's the only punishment they received as a child. Also some say that if you don't give your child a punishment as sufficient as a smack they will not learn their lesson there fore they will never know or abide by what is right or wrong. Some would just say it is a quick and immediate form of punishment there for it is the best way. ...read more.


Some of the most obvious alternatives are shouting, taking away privileges (e.g. sweets, money, TV, hi-fi etc), grounding and making them go straight to their room or bed. I think these punishments work but a Childs' behavior and misbehavior all depends on the bringing up he/she had in the first place. For example if a child has had a bad upbringing, has been mistreat and the parents haven't taken due care in teaching the child basic morals and what's right or wrong then the child will always be misbehaving and no matter what punishment you give them they will not see that it's for their own good, they will resent you, it would be stupid. How would the parent be able to punish the child if the parent has never taught the child that it's wrong in the 1st place? On the other hand if a child has been brought up knowing right from wrong then when you punish them I think that it will have a greater effect. ...read more.


My younger brother for his age is very cheeky and disobedient, he is never smacked and lately due to the people he plays with and the things he watches on television he has now resulted to swearing and behaving arrogant. Maybe in this case many parents would think a smack is the result but it certainly isn't. When I have children I wouldn't want to smack them but, depending on the circumstances a quick slap wouldn't be the only option. I think the punishment should be the result. To think about it silly punishments like locking your child in a room for weeks is silly. Only minor punishments should be allowed. In conclusion to all of this, my opinion is that children should not be smacked if they have done something seriously wrong only given punishments because a parent wants to release their own frustration as that is wrong on the child. I feel that punishments really do work and that what ever is done the child has been taught a lesson. Below are pictures of how children are being smacked and abused. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mary Ewumi ...read more.

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