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Job roles in the NHS

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Science in the workplace Nhs Introduction Since NHS`s launch 60 years ago, the NHS has grown to become the world's largest publicly funded health service. It is also one of the most efficient, most egalitarian and most comprehensive. NHS is free of charge for everyone just dentist costs. Products and Services The services the NHS has are: * Dentist * Doctors * Opticians * Hospital * Pharmacists * Social Care Services Jobs * Allied health professionals o Arts therapies o Chiropody or podiatry o Dietetics o Operating department practice o Orthoptics o Physiotherapy o Prosthetics and othptics o Psychotherapy o Radiography o Speech and language therapy * Ambulance o Ambulance care assistant o Ambulance technician o Call handler o Emergency care assistance o Emergency care practioner o Emergency medical dispatcher o Patient transport services (PTS) controller * Dentists o Dentist o Dental nurses o Dental hygienist o Dental therapist o Dental technicians * Doctors o Medical specialist o Surgical specialist o Psychiatry o General practice o Paediatric and child health o Obstetrics and gynaecology o Pathology o Radiology ...read more.


But as for hospitals, hospitals are spread out in the city there isn't many because people have doctors close by and only need the hospital in case of a big emergency. Hospitals are usually located centrally. But if people are injured badly in an accident for example then the helicopter might come and take them to a hospital where they are professionally trained for the injury. Location Address of royal infirmary Leicester Leicester Royal Infirmary, Infirmary Sq, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 5WW - 0116 254 1414? Job 1: Nurse Qualifications: to be a nurse you will need these qualifications: * Hold a degree or diploma in nursing * 5 GCSES or equivalent at grade C or above. * Must be able to demonstrate evidence of literacy, numeracy and good character. Skills: The skills you will need to be a nurse is that you will need to be able to communicate right, you will be providing service to all backgrounds and type of people you will need to be a good observatory and you should be able to put people at their ease gain their confidence and deal sympathetically with their problems and fears. ...read more.


There is intense competition for places at dental schools. Most entrants will require 3 A's at A-level. Skills: to be a dentist you will need good academic background you will also need good handwork and eyesight and you will need to be very confident when working with the instruments in someone's mouth. You will have to be able to know how to deal with people with a range of characters and concerns so you will need to be able to give any type of person advice and be able to put people at ease and make there confidence higher and be sympathetic with their problems and fears. How Science is used: the way science is used in dentistry is you need interest in scientific knowledge particularly human anatomy and oral diseases processes. These skills are increasingly becoming important for all members of the dental care team. That the other peple will find that it is more easier with the fact of ?? ?? ?? ?? Saira Patel and Kausar Khan 10HAR And 10BOS ...read more.

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