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Lentils and Lillies

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Lentils and Lilies They were like battery hens, weren't they, rows of identical hutches, so neat and tidy and narrow-minded.1 This sentence is taken from the text "Lentils and Lilies." It describes Jade Beaumonts view of married women also known as housewives. Jade Beaumont, the narrator and main character in the story, is a young girl who is about to finish her school. During the text the reader gets a lot of information about Jades opinion about marriage, housewives and how she wants her future to turn out. The preliminary sentence illustrates very well Jade's opinion about married housewives. Weren't they bored out of their skulls? It was beyond her comprehension.2 She finds the women around her very solitary and bourgeois and she simply doesn't understand how anyone can choose a life like these married women and she already knows that she doesn't want to be like them. She wants to enjoy her freedom and then become a successful career woman and never end in a suburban like where she lives now. ...read more.


Her description of the mother is very negative she uses words like ostrich, flabby and overweight which emphasizes her negative attitude towards people of "the woman's kind." Inside the house she sees a lily on its last legs. I believe it symbolizes the woman. As young she was like Jade, beautiful and full of hopes and dreams, but after many years of marriage and childcare she is now tired and withered. The lentil, which is stocked in the child's nose, maybe symbolizes all the trouble the woman has gone trough or it simply symbolizes all the problems everybody has to go trough during their life. She turned with relief back into the shinning spring morning and started to sprint, fast and light, a quick off the blocks as Atlanta.4 Jade is still very young an she is relieved to get away from the troubles the reality can give and the comparison to Atlanta indicates her young nature and her view of marriages, she need a husband who can keep up with her. ...read more.


especially in the relation to responsibility. In the upper secondary school students are treated much more as responsible individuals than in the elementary school. The explanation for this could be because the students show more responsible behaviour. This makes perfect sense as they are older and more mature and I believe responsibility comes with age. Another reason for the students to act more responsible, and in that way be treated as responsible individuals, is also because of the consequences in the upper secondary school. Consequences are missing in the elementary school, it is not as important to act and be responsible, in the elementary school, because it is decided by law they have to be taught and the teacher can't do anything else then treat pupils in the elementary school as children, whereas students in the secondary school will be excluded if they don't take any responsibility. 1 P. 3 l.73-74. 2 P. 3 l.75-76. 3 P.3 l.59 4 P. 6 l.198-200. ?? ?? ?? ?? Camilla Mulvad Engelsk B 24. september 2007 3.c Lentils and Lilies 1 ...read more.

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