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Mental Retardation.

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Mental Retardation Mental retardation is defined as, an individual with limitations in cognitive ability and adaptive behaviors that interfere with learning. Individuals with mental retardation learn at a slower pace, have low IQs, and may reach a level where learning stops. There are no exact causes for mental retardation but some things are associated with the disability. Prenatal development problems, childbirth difficulties, and a childhood brain injury can all lead to mental retardation. An individual with mental retardation might have problems in learning and social skills. Learning problems can include: difficulty making decisions, short attention spans, and limited strategies for dealing with changes. Problems they face with social skills are being to friendly, difficulty labeling emotions, and being wary of new places. ...read more.


Sam finds an attorney, Rita (Michelle Pfeiffer). At first Rita wants nothing to do with the case, until she is given a guilt trip by every one. Rita takes the case and even decides to do it for free. Rita her-self has problems through out the movie with her family. Her meeting Sam helps her to face those problems and solve them. Many witnesses are called to the stand during the trial, in Sam's defense. I feel they are not taken seriously though, because they also have some form of disability. During the trial Sam finds a new job and moves closer to Lucy and her foster parents. Lucy snuck out many nights and walked to her father's apartment, until her foster parents put bars on the windows. ...read more.


Sam, because of his disability, had a hard time dealing with the idea Lucy wasn't coming home. When he came to the realization that she wasn't coming home he went into isolation and focused on projects for hours. Lucy had a hard time dealing with the fact her dad was mentally retarded. She tried to stop learning so that she would not pass him intellectually. I believe she did this because she felt guilty for being smarter than her dad. Lucy had a hard time dealing with being separated from her father. She goes through many emotions during the course of the movie. The only adaptations I saw for Sam was at his job. The manager understood what Sam was capable of and found jobs for him to do within his limitations. Although Sam was mental retarded there was no doubt that he love his daughter. Fame Hendrix CSP 340 ...read more.

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