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GCSE: Health and Social Care

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  1. learning styles

    Health - if someone has health problems that keep coming back, i.e. tonsillitis, then they may find it hard to study. These people need to make sure that they are punctual whenever possible and are organised. Responsibilities - people prioritise what they do on how important it is. If someone had children or is a young carer then their responsibilities are to take care of the person, they may have a job or more important tasks to carry out before completing work. Relationships - if someone has a partner then they may put their work off to see them.

    • Word count: 756
  2. Health & Social Care: Service users

    One of the varicose veins in his legs had burst and was not healing properly due to the constriction of the vein which was initially caused by smoking. This was Mr Jones' wake-up call but he could not give up smoking entirely. So, he reduced the amount to 5 cigarettes a day in 3 months and is still smoking 5 a day to this date. Perspective of health and well-being of the service user 1. Mr Jones believes that being in good health is not suffering from any kind of illness or pain.

    • Word count: 1040
  3. communication and values

    This includes the most subtle of movements that many people are not aware of, including winking and slight movement of the eyebrows. I tried to adapt to Egan theory of SOLER by leaning forward to show that I was interested. * Listening- if we are not talking we are listening to what others are saying and trying to understand there views our body language can tell if we are listening to a persons whenever any body was talking I would lean forward to shows that I am interested.

    • Word count: 4404
  4. Today India is the second most populous nation in the world and will overtake China by 2025 to become the worlds most populated country of the world, with over 1.6 billion people. Discuss.

    There are several reasons explaining India's population explosion. The first reason contributing towards the India's growing population is the caste system and education. The caste system in India is although illegal but many practice it in rural parts of the country. The boundaries of the caste system have led to the disorientation of the society. People from low castes are generally poor and are isolated from the main population. Majority of these people believe that more hands will earn more money.

    • Word count: 535
  5. Health Plan

    This will change will not be noticeable at first but it's a starting point to finally quitting. * You can join an NHS stop smoking group. It is 90 minutes per week and lots if advice and help is given. I have given you a diary for her to write in so I can track your progress and how you are doing Month 2: * You need to keep writing in your diary. I need you to write about when you crave cigarettes mostly during the day.

    • Word count: 591
  6. Report on my client

    This has had an effect on her self-esteem and her social life. She constantly feels like she could look better and this is when she starts to lose confidence in her self. It has affected her social life the most because when she is around new people she feels really self-conscious and she finds it hard to make new friends because she is continually thinking "What do they think of me?" In the questionnaire, Lucy tells us that she thinks exercise is really important to her and that she enjoys it but she feels she does not have enough time to do it.

    • Word count: 1369
  7. Health and Social Care Unit 2 Section A

    For this woman (Martina Navratilova) being fit means being in a good body shape "Shape Your Self". 3. For this girl, to be healthy, a person needs to be free from depression. 4. For these children, to be healthy, they need opportunities to play. 5. For this girl, being flexible, and being physically fit is important. 6. For this celebrity, having a good appearance is important. P.I.E.S Physical 7. Smoking, taking drugs, and drinking alcohol can give us a lot of illnesses mostly cancer like lung Cancer, liver Cancer, and a lot more illnesses.

    • Word count: 2947
  8. enhancers and inhibitors

    By them taking this position it will help the client to feel they have some control and that the staff respects them. Also if the care worker is slouching or has their arms closed this shows that they are clearly not interested and they have something better to do hence don't have the time of day to talk to the service user and this makes the service user feel unimportant and could make matters worse for example if the service user was known to have tried to commit suicide in the past, it could make them close up and not want to share information with anyone as they might feel all care staff will treat them like this.

    • Word count: 1336
  9. heart disease

    Although inherited risk factors are not reversible such as family history, age and race. To avoid heart problems in the future it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Types of heart disease include: Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the most common type and is the leading cause of heart attacks. Angina is a chest pain or discomfort that occurs when the heart is not getting enough blood. Heart attacks occur when an artery is severely or completely blocked and the heart does not get the blood it requires for more than 20 minutes.

    • Word count: 1136
  10. Carry Out Some Research To Find Out What The Nutritional Standards Are. Do You Think That Such Standards Will Work? If So, Why? If Not, Why Not?

    These standards are as follows: * Fruit and Vegetables Not less than 2 portions per day per child, at least one of which should be salad or vegetables, and at least one of which should be fruit. * Oily Fish On the school lunch menu at least once every 3 weeks. * Meals should not contain more than two deep fried products in a single week. (Deep Fried Products eg chips, roast potatoes, other fried potatoes, garlic bread) * Processed Foods Should not be reformed/reconstituted foods made from "meat slurry".

    • Word count: 2526
  11. Free essay

    Effective Communication

    To carry out the cycle successfully two or more parties must be present. Communicating involves expression of thought and interpretation of the other parties understanding. There are six phases of the communication cycle, the first is expressing your own thoughts, the second is watching the other person non verbal response and body language. Thirdly is interpreting the other person's body language and trying to work out what he or she is thinking, next is listening to his or her response to what we have said, following this is trying to make sense of his or her response.

    • Word count: 442
  12. Objective Customer Services

    when the customer are coming back to an organisation, which means they are satisfied with the service. Satisfied Customers: If the customer is satisfied with the organisation then they are providing good customer service and also the customers will tell others. E.g. keeping their customers loyal and caring for them will lead customers' satisfaction. Good Public Image: Good Public Image is important to an organisation because it can lead more customers coming to an organisation. E.g. customer telling good thing about the organisation to their friends and families.

    • Word count: 6434
  13. disengagement and activity theory

    In 1974 Bromley wrote that reason older people choose this way is because when they were young they did not have enough facilities or resources physically when they were young. There are different disengagement theories in older people specially when they have health problem and that affect their life style and less mobile. For example someone with vision problem will be easily disengaged from the society as he believed its hard to have a full conversation with other people especially when you cant see.

    • Word count: 889
  14. Balanced Diet according to life stages

    Although it acts like breast milk, it does not provide the antibodies like it. Any other type of milk, such as cow's milk or any other dairy product should not be introduced until 1 year of age. A baby's kidneys are not as yet developed strongly enough to handle the high protein and mineral content fully until that age. The same applies to solid foods. Its strongly discouraged to introduce solid foods into the diet before 6 months because a baby is still developing their digestive system and cannot process solid foods initially.

    • Word count: 2130
  15. Positve and negative effects of life events

    This realization could emotionally lead to sadness, and constant depression when faced with something that reminds them of their loss, affecting them negatively and socially. However, the positive effect of this could be managing to cope, even if achieved after a long while; he would learn new ways of how to deal with problems, and have a more optimistic angle to look at life. Secondly, Joe had an unexpected stroke after his wife's death, causing him to become physically unable.

    • Word count: 2178
  16. promoting health

    It is as a result of these campaigns over the centuries that has brought the Department of Health to conclude that; 'health promotion is not just about educating people as to what causes ill health but to how ill health can be prevented, and for people to be encouraged to change their own behaviour in order to promote good health'. When discussing health promotion there are a number of different noteworthy theories that underpin the practice of health promotion itself and within these theories, there are what is referred to as 'health models'.

    • Word count: 1822
  17. Health and social Job description of a head teacher

    The head teacher is responsible for providing leadership to the school. The head teacher is responsible for the school curriculum. The head teacher has the responsibility of all students in the school disabled or not disabled. The head teacher has to arrange staff meetings and lead discussions on curriculum content and children development. The head teacher is responsible of all the classrooms in school and all the teachers. The head teacher needs to make sure all the classrooms are in attractive conditions.

    • Word count: 1309
  18. health and social section E Health Plan

    Smoking: ==> Count how many cigarettes you have per day, and have one less one less every other day. E.g. day one, if you smoke 30, then on day 3, you should smoke 29. ==> Aim to cut down by 3 or four in the first week, and 7 overall by the end of week 2. ==> Try to find another hobby to help you take your mind off of the craving, or just play with a stress toy or pencil, within the first week, as the cravings will be highest then.

    • Word count: 4060
  19. Drug abuse

    Some legal drugs which appear to be more socially acceptable such as alcohol and tobacco appear more dangerous. This strikes me as suprising mainly because these drugs are far easier to access, more people use them with less dangerous effects and the government is not as strict with regards to regulations with drugs such as tobacco as they are with drugs like ecstasy. The reason behind this is because of the danger rating. Some legal drugs which are socially acceptable are classed as more dangerous because they cause more deaths than some illegal drugs because they have more users.

    • Word count: 1480
  20. Case study - stress.

    Exercising is good for the mind as well as your body. It can help with stress relief, as it is a way your body can release any tension and frustration. Exercises such as Yoga, Tai chi, and aerobics are effective sources for relieving stress and tension. Benefits of Yoga * Improves flexibility and joint mobility * Strengthens and tones muscles * Increases stamina * Improves digestion * Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels * Improves circulation * Boosts immune response Mental Benefits of Yoga * Increases positive body awareness * Relieves chronic stress patterns in the body * Relaxes the mind and body * Canters attention * Frees the spirit Benefits of Aerobic Exercise * Increase maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max)

    • Word count: 1502

    If we take more time to listen to the customers problems, such as problems with the kind of product we are supplying, through improved customer service then we can ensure that we are selling goods that are wanted by the customers. This would help us to identify which product lines we should drop. This would only work if communication internally is done properly. Aim 2) By improving customer services even further at John Lewis more people will shop in the department store buying more goods.

    • Word count: 13987
  22. Warning signs in the workplace.

    Colour/Shape Meaning Instruction Examples Red circle & diagonal on white background Prohibition sign 'YOU MUST NOT' Do not carry out this action as it is likely to increase or cause danger.

    • Word count: 98
  23. The content of the website is based on teenage pregnancy and the effects it has on teenage mothers there is also a small part which is about family life. The information is structured in a way that everybody can read.

    The language the website uses is formal because there isn't any slang language. The layout of the website is good because the information is put into paragraphs which make it easier for the reader to read and understand and lastly it doesn't make the reader get bored of the text. There wasn't a last update for the text because it was a review from someone. This website answered my first aim which was how far the education of a teenager affected by pregnancy?

    • Word count: 441
  24. Factors contributing to Well-being

    But, when a person doesn't feel good about himself or herself, he/she thinks of all the bad things about them and lack confidence in doing what they want to do. These people are often able to do many sorts of things (more than the positive people); it's just that they lack confidence. It's sort of giving up once and not trying again, because you know you won't succeed. It's like bringing yourself down. You look at others and compare yourself to them and think, "She got an A in Science, I didn't, I got an E.

    • Word count: 2049
  25. Safe Guarding, Anti Social Behaviour and Domestic Abuse assingments

    This act allows care professional?s to take away someone?s freedom if they are for example suicidal, they may be sectioned in a mental health unit to protect them for their own safety. They may take extra precautions to prevent an individual hurting themselves by locking the windows in their rooms and having a key code on the doors to get out so that people cannot walk out. They may also take away and individual?s belongings that may help contribute to their death such as shoe laces, belts and necklaces.

    • Word count: 6496

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