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Mother Teresa.

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MOTHER TERESA Mother Teresa was born as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in 1910 in Skopje, Yugoslavia, (now Macedonia). She wasn't given the name Teresa, until 1930 in honour of St. Teresa of Avila, a Spanish saint of the 16th century. Her father, who was of Albanian descent, ran a small farm. At the age of eighteen she left the parental home in Skopje and joined the Sisters of Loreto, an Irish community of nuns which operated missions in Bengal before going to Dublin to learn English. After a few months training in Dublin she was sent to India, where in 1928 she took her initial vows as a nun. ...read more.


Her devotion to the poor won respect from millions around the world and a Nobel Peace Prize n 1979. Over the last 20 years, Mother Teresa suffered heart problems. She died on September 5th, 1997, in Calcutta, India, after suffering cardiac arrest. She was 87. Judging the impact that Mother Teresa had on society is difficult at best. Her dedication to helping the helpless and needy, has been an inspiration to the world. But an inspiration is something that comes and goes. Mother Teresa's life was so much more than that. She did more than inspire us. She changed the way that we thought about the world around us. ...read more.


She also opened houses for alcoholics, drug addicts, and homeless and destitues in Rome as well as homes for aids patients all over the world. The Pope was also asked to open a house for mothers with unwanted pregnancies. Mother Teresa also supported the rehabilitation of prisoners in India. Her greatest impact on society was to bring an awareness that love is worth nothing unless it is given for free. Mother Teresa devoted most of her life to help the poor and helpless. She collected people from the gutters and gave them shelter and food before they died peacefully under her care. She is a very strong hearted woman who is able to care for anyone whoever they were and she inspired many people to help out people with nothing to live for. ...read more.

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