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My Experience of Quitting the Habit of Smoking Cigarettes

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My Experience of Quitting the Habit of Smoking Cigarettes Erin Hebler EXP 105 Ashford University September 11, 2008 My Experience of Quitting the Habit of Smoking Cigarettes "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an action, but a habit."- Aristotle (Ferrett, 2006, P. 13-2) In reading, I deducted that everything we do as humans, good or bad, is in some form a habitually conditioned response to our environment, friends and family, traditions, comfort zones, and fears. "We first make our habits, and then our habits make us."- John Dryden (Ferrett, P. 13-8) Taking responsibility for your actions and realizing every action has a reaction, may force you to look inside and see the need and the value in change, which in turn can spark a true desire to contemplate the person you are, want to be, and the legacy you want to leave when you are gone. ...read more.


Eventually, I got frustrated to the point that I walked out the door and stood outside with everyone, asked for a cigarette, and smoked it. If anyone asked what I was doing, I would reply, "If you get a break, then so do I." I smoked heavily for about 2 years until I became pregnant with my son. I quit "cold-turkey" the day I found out. About three months after giving birth, I started to bottle-feed him, and began smoking, again. I never really went back to being a "full-fledged smoker" as in smoking at least a pack a day, but I would have an occasional cigarette at work, or out at a bar with friends, socially. ...read more.


I used to feel so condemned every time that I failed to quit, but the older I get the more I realize that as long as I continue to see a need to keep trying to change, then I have not failed, yet. Everything takes time to master, so "with time and patients, change will begin to feel comfortable and normal." (Ferrett, P. 13-9) Eventually, I will quit. Either in this life or after, I will not smoke forever. I will persistently try to give it my all for myself and my son, until I prevail. In the mean time, I will keep a positive attitude, and remember "that habits are learned and can be un-learned." (Ferrett, P. 13-9) We are all human and we all make mistakes, but there are those who recognize and strive to correct their mistakes, and they are the ones who will succeed. ...read more.

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