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My Experience of Teamwork in a Charity Event.

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UNIT 44 M1D1 Vocational experience for health and social care M1 Assess how their contributions to the team influenced the success of the activity D1 Make recommendations as to how they could have adapted their own contributions to the team to enhance the success of the activity In a previous assignment (P2) I did A report on own contributions to a specific team activity relating to health and social care. The activity that took place was comic relief day in school. It was a school fundraising day where many different activities took place to raise money for children in need that are unfortunate and need help in the most basic needs, for example providing water, food and shelter. The charity event was able to raise £960 to help vulnerable children. The different activities that took place were raffles, sponging teachers, cake sale and clothes sale. My contributions to the activity were Effective communication Selling clothes Collecting money Teamwork can have great success and within the event that I will be discussing which was a fundraising for comic relief all the members within the team where able to influence the success of the activity. The main success of the activity was the mass amount of money we raised which was £960. This was such an achievement and the whole team was overwhelmed when they realised all our contributions put together allowed us to achieve more than we expected. ...read more.


At first I did think it would be difficult and was apprehensive about whether or not people would by the clothes that where collected. However the generosity of people was overwhelming as a majority of people bought a least one item. There were great benefits in selling clothes as I was able to raise £57.00. another benefit of selling clothes is that it did not only benefit the charity through money but the individuals who bought them also benefited hugely as some of them where less fortunate and having good standard clothes for a maximum of 5.00 helped them hugely. Also the individuals who donated the clothes also said that they felt so happy that they could donate these clothes to the charity and help raise money rather than through them away. Selling clothes also helped me in building my confidence in money and talking to individuals. However in another assessment of selling clothes there were also negative issues that did affect the amount of clothes that where purchased. Even though £57.00 is a lot, more could have been achieved. The clothing sold where not varied and therefor this did cause bad influence on the success of the activity. Also due to the school being multi-cultural there were issues that there was not a variety of cultural clothes that did lead to a form of discrimination. Also the way that I had placed the clothes around the stall did not show any presentation which also may have deterred individual’s way from the stall. ...read more.


As some members of the group did not relay on me as much due to feeling that I was not available because I never told them that I could do certain tasks. Also having the right posture and communicating in the right tone would also have a profound effect on the success of the activity due to breaking down any barriers that I would feel. Remembering to go through the stages in all the theories mentioned above would help in reaching self-actualisation which is the overall outcome of achieving the goal of the activity. Overall assessing my contributions to the team there clear understands that there are positive and negative influences on the activity. When working as a team I have learnt that to achieve the success of the teamwork and the goals there are some process seen in the theories such as the Tuckman?s theory or Maslow?s hierarchy of needs are fundamental to be able to achieve the activity to the full potential. This activity was a great event that allowed our team to grow in teamwork and be able to raise a huge sum of money for children in need. The recommendation mentioned are there to be done in the future when I will come across a teamwork effort again. Making targets for the future such as the recommendations allow me to understand in the parts of the activity that I lacked in and parts that I did success in so in future events I am more capable in achieving the task or the event. ...read more.

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