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Nature/nurture debate

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Hayley Thomson How children Develop and Learn Nature/nurture debate Nature/nurture is one of the twentieth century's most scientific debates and has been a long-lived discussion between psychologists and philosophers. For some time, we have known that development results from the dynamic interplay of nature and nurture. From birth on, we grow and learn because our biology is programmed to do so and because our social physical environment provides stimulation.' www.classbrain.com Nature When a child is born, his brain is still trying to assemble itself for its full action. The brain has nerve cells called neurons. To begin with, the neurons are not joined together so over the first 3 years of a child's life, the job of his brain is to fix the neurons together by forming a root like connection called a synapses. ...read more.


The child's experience is the stimulation that forms the synapses. Hayley Thomson Nurture Interaction is the key to how children learn new things about themselves. Connections within the child's brain, which can lead to success in later life, can out grow supportive, nurturing and predictable care. Children require sufficient love and stimulation in their environment sot that they can keep important synapses and form new ones. 'Caring for infants and toddlers is mostly about building relationships and making the most of everyday routines and experiences. During the first 3 years of life, infants and toddlers look at caregivers for answers to these questions: * Do people respond to me? * Can I depend on other people when I need them? ...read more.


Scientists have found how early development of the human brain and a strong relationship between any carer involved in a child's life and the child communicate to build the foundations for a future of learning and growth development. By applying the nature/nurture debate to the behavior of humans, a whole lot of trouble arises. Statistics, made up to display the genetic grounds for differences in motor learning, criminality's, intelligence and capabilities of humans, along with other behaviors, has now been provided to support many forms of bigotry. My Opinion Personally, I think nature and nurture both play as big a part as each other in our development. Obviously our parents genes are passed on to us so there will be some similarities, but I also feel that we learn most of what we know from experience and guidance from all our caregivers. ...read more.

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