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Needs of a Newborn Baby

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* Plan * Letter * Questionnaire * Results * Recommendations * Other Items * Total Costs * Evaluation In this piece of coursework I have been asked to research the basic needs of a newborn baby, and recommend the most suitable purchases within a budget of �700, for a couple expecting their first baby in November. The key thing to think about in this question is that the baby is going to be born in November so you need to think about how warm the items of clothing are and that your baby isn't going to be to cold, because a baby can't regulate their own temperature. You'll also need to know how many items of clothing they'll need, nappies, bedding and any other equipment. What I will do and the order I will do it in: 1. Research the basic needs of a newborn baby. 2. Use a questionnaire or interview mum/mums on what they found useful. 3. When I have the data from Boots/ Mothercare/ interview I will use the information to write up any results and put it into a pie chart. 4. Recommend what to buy; I will make a list with prices - within �700. ...read more.


� A mattress which fits the Moses basket, cot or crib. �9.99 - �34.99. � Cot sheets and cellular blankets, or a bottom sheet and a baby sleeping bag. �9.99 � A baby bath (or you can use a washing up bowl), or a newborn bath support. � A couple of small towels and some mild baby bath. � A rear-facing car seat, if your baby will be traveling by car. �19.99. � A pram, pushchair or buggy that is suitable for newborn babies (with a lie-flat position)�355.00. � Nursing bras and breast pads if you are breastfeeding. �19.00 � Bottles, teats, bottle brushes and some sterilizing method, if you are bottle feeding.�19.99 232 Wibble Road Horfield Bristol BS7 123 18th December '08 Cherry Tree Road, Watford Hertfordshire WD24 6SH Dear Sir/Madam, I am a year 10 student from Cotham School studying Child Development, I am doing a piece of coursework about needs of a newborn baby, born in November with only a �700 budget and I am writing to ask if you could recommend any products within this budget. Yours Sincerely, Ophelia H. (I haven't got a response back) From my questionnaire I would recommend the following: Babygros and Hats �6.99 for a pack Of 2 from Mothercare I would recommend these because they are cheap to buy and easy to wash. ...read more.


so I used it for suggesting some extra items a mum may also want to use like, more nappies, baby monitor etc. so overall my total costs were�664.43 which is under the budget of �700. I enjoyed this piece of coursework because I found out exactly what a baby needs and the amounts, i.e. nappies; I also enjoyed getting the range of research from the internet and mums I interviewed and being able to use it well by creating different types of pie charts. The questionnaire was useful because getting the information from mums and finding out what they found helpful was very interesting. My plan was alright because I mainly followed it by finding out what the basic needs of a baby were and by doing the questionnaire. From the results I gathered most mums agreed on the basic things such as, nappies, babygros and hats - because babies can't regulate their own temperature and they also loose a lot of heat through their head. My pie charts were useful because you could clearly compare the prices of the most expensive shops and the least. I found �700 was enough money as I had some left over which I used for extra items a mum may want such as a baby monitors and a sling. ...read more.

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