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Notes on the acquisition and learning of language.

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´╗┐Questionnaire: Acquisition and learning ________________ 1. Are children able to use different speech for every particular social situation in their later speech?s development? As a matter of fact, they are able to use various styles of speech for addressing other people. Moreover, at the age of 7 they are able to make any kind of requests similar to the ones used by their parents. 2. What is the difference between Language Acquisition and Language Learning? When it comes to acquisition, children acquire language through an unconscious process in which they are not aware of grammatical rules. These rules are part of human beings since they are born and are activated by exposure. The emphasis is on meaning and not on the form. ...read more.


What is more, it could also happen at school, if their efforts are encouraged by the teacher, they will be motivated to give it try. 3. Why exposure is important for lg acquisition? Through IN-PUT, the UG is activated and they are able to produce and understand sentences they have never heard before in a natural way. 4. Are native speakers able to make intuitions? They have that natural sense to tell if something is right or wrong when it comes to the use of language. 5. What does competence refer to? It refers to the grammatical knowledge which is subconscious and we are born with this. 6. Why is creativity so important for native speakers? Since they can produce and understand infinite numbers of sentences that they have never created or encountered before. ...read more.


According to Krashen, are learners aware of what they are incorporating? He says that unconscious learning through in-put in the acquisition of 2nd LG is more important than learning in a systematic and conscious way. Acquiring a second language should be similar to acquisition of the 1st language in a natural way. 10. When does acquisition take places, according to Krashen? The more in-put they receive, the more they will understand what is said in a target language, which is when acquisition takes place. 11. Should learners be obliged to speak? According to Krashen, learners shouldn’t be forced to speak until they feel ready to do so. In fact, he talks about a ‘’silent period’’, the duration of this period will vary. ________________ Claudia Verónica Gomez 2nd year ...read more.

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