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OCR Level 2 National T&T Unit 4 Promoting travel and tourism AO2

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AO 2 Explain the importance of promotion to travel and tourism providers Pass Candidates provide a simple explanation of the importance of promotion to travel and tourism providers. Their explanation shows a limited understanding. Merit Candidates provide a clear explanation of the importance of promotion to travel and tourism providers. Their explanation shows some understanding. Distinction Candidates provide a detailed explanation of the importance of promotion to travel and tourism providers. Their explanation shows a thorough understanding. Importance of promotion Name of Travel & Tourism organisation Crealy Adventure Park Promotion Example Crealy's Pumpkin Fest It is held at half term over Halloween time. The aim is to attract customers to Crealy over the school holidays and they link this event to bonfire night on November 5th. Pumpkin carving, meet the witch, the rides are renamed e.g. the ghost train, the produce a large colour poster for the pumpkin fest and it is put up around the park. They take out adverts on heart fm the weeks before half term. ...read more.


You get a free pumpkin with every full ticket you buy, this is a special offer and an incentive for people to come. How does the promotion e.g. increase sales? This will work because it will attract more customers over the half term period and will increase their profits. It is run over more than 7 days including half term, they do this to maximise sales, not everyone could make it on the same day, and it would get too crowed. Halloween shop, food, drink, all the other things they do, Halloween products selling merchandise linked to Halloween, witches hats etc. They also do scary things in the cafes. They also do special activities e.g. Halloween face painting. You pay more for the face painting, meeting the witch and carving the pumpkins to increase sales. They have to do promotional things during the winter months as it is their quietist time of the year do to weather conditions etc. How does the promotion e.g. gain a competitive advantage? ...read more.


Crealy know that their customer satisfaction is good for this campaign because they use the exit survey, this gives them feed back about the park and helps them to improve future pumpkin fests. How does the promotion e.g. gain positive image for the organisation/product? They want you to talk about your enjoyment at the park and they want you to come back at another time of the year. They have got you in there just for the pumpkin fest but you are also going to experience the park and come back. You see it on the tele, you hear it on the radio, you see it, you read about it and you want to be there because you can see that its good. Some of Crealy's promotional materials... This is Crealy's press release, they don't put pictures on it because they want the papers and TV to come into the park and take their own pictures of it and videos ?? ?? ?? ?? AGC 2008 Centre 54269 Name: Jess Rice OCR Level 2 National T&T Unit 4 Promoting travel and tourism AO2 ...read more.

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