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Outline the difficulties that may arise in communication and how these may be overcome.

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P2 - Outline the difficulties that may arise in communication and how these may be overcome. Communication is essential for every individual, there are many factors that can have an effect on a person's ability to communicate ; things such as emotional distress, dialect, health problems, language differences, environmental problems, cultural differences, disability, sensory deprivation and jargon, slang and acronyms. These factors are known as barriers to communication because they prevent people to communicate with each other There are many factors that can put a stop to communication with a child, for example Sensory deprivation and disability. This means visual and hearing can be harmed when communicating. Problems with sight or hearing can mean that signs can't be seen, leaflets can't be read or conversations can't be heard, also this tend to limit the individual's ability to communicate verbally and to interpret other people's non verbal communication. ...read more.


This made it harder to overcome the barrier because I was not able to make myself clear to her as I had never experienced anything like this before. To over come this barrier myself, a few other children and a member of staff would do things that involved role play at this made it easier for everyone to communicate with each other. As that particular member of staff knew how to use sign language she would teach the other children whilst the role play and myself and then we all would copy and use it whilst talking to that little girl which always made her much more happier and involved throughout the role play. Another factor that may prevent communication with a child is environmental problems such as a physical environment that is noisy, uncomfortable, has poor lighting or lacks privacy as this reduces people's ability to communicate effectively with each other. ...read more.


Whilst I was on work experience a different barrier I was faced was that half of the children were interested in making loud noises and playing with toys and the other half who were interested in doing some written work were unable to concentrate with all the noise that was around them. A few children would usually come up to me and say "its too noisy can you please tell the other children to be quiet", this therefore put me in a difficult position as children are all different and learn in different ways so therefore I could not tell them to stop 'learning'. In my opinion I think my work placement nursery should have had two separate rooms as this would resolve this problem. Information taken from: Kath Bulman and Liz Savory 2006, Children's care, Learning and Development, Heinemann And Sandy green, Children's care, Learning and development, 2007, Nelson Thornes ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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