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PART D UNIT 2 As part of my unit 2 part D coursework, I was asked to produce a review to the health plans I created for my client in order to improve her health and well being. My case study has a couple of negative factors. Some of these are: * Inadequate exercise * She is in stress * Insufficient sleep * Doesn't have a balanced diet. Through looking at these factors I have realised that I will need to produce an exercise plan, a relaxation plan and a healthy eating plan. I will need to make my plans sensible, achievable and realistic for my case study to follow. I will also need to take in mind what type of lifestyle she has and her day to day routine in order to make these plans. As my client doesn't get an adequate amount of sleep all that I can do is advise her to make a sleep timetable and also advise her to manage her time well. She can also, at a last resort take sleeping tablets which can be prescribed by her General Practitioner. I didn't make a sleep timetable for my case study as I don't know her proper lifestyle and the amount of spare time she has and the amount of time that she spends doing other activities. ...read more.


I also like the fact that the activities that I have set up for her to do can be done at home and they don't take much of her time. They also don't cost a lot of money as some of them can be done at home so she doesn't have to attend the centres. I have also included her to go to the park which is free and she can attend it as it is not too far away from where she lives. The thing that I disliked about my exercise plan was that I was really upset when I found out that she cannot attend swimming, and that I should have kept in mind that my case study's left hand doesn't work. And I was really upset that I made her feel really disturbed and saddened and made her feel that she cannot do some things in life due to my carelessness. The thing that I would change if I had a chance to would be that I would put in the activities that my case study can do even though her left hand isn't working. I would make sure the activities do not involve the use of both of her hands. If I do this then my case study will have a high self esteem and feel better about herself. The relaxation plan that I have set up for her is because my case study is in stress. ...read more.


She also liked the range of food in the diet plan. The thing she disliked about the plan was that due to not having a car my case study will be unable to go shopping regularly and then may have to shop a lot at once. Money can be a shortage due to this. Also carrying it to home may be a problem as the shopping is bound to be heavy. The things that I liked about the plan were again that I included options to choose what she wants to eat. She also liked the fact that at the beginning I asked her to keep a food dairy and then I adapted the healthy eating plan to the types of food my client eats. She also liked the range of food in the diet plan. The thing I disliked about the plan was that I should have considered the fact that my cases study doesn't have a car and she may not be able to shop frequently. If my case study follows the plans then she could benefit on many of the things. Some of these include: * Maintain her healthy ideal weight * Have a better diet in her lifestyle * Reduce her stress * Get enough sleep * And get sufficient sleep ?? ?? ?? ?? Kinita Patel 11T Miss Larson Unit 2 PART D UNIT 2 Coursework. ...read more.

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