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PDHPE ICT TASK - finding support for Mental Health Sufferers.

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´╗┐PDHPE ICT Task 1. Find 5 websites who provide support for Mental Health Sufferers. 1. www.reachout.com 2. www.blackmentalhealth.org.uk 3. www.sane.org 4. www.headspace.org.au 5. www.mentalhealth.asn.au 6. www.kidshelp.com.au 1. Locate 5 counselors/psychiatrists in the local area. 1. 1. S.T.A.R.T.T.S. 152 The Horsley Drv, Carramar NSW 2163 ph: (02) 9794 1900 1. iLead Psychology Ste16/ 49 Norval St, Auburn NSW 2144 ph: 0403 174 721 1. St Leonards Mood Disorders Clinic A Medical Practice Specialising In Medications For Depression & More. Unit 110 Arden Building 40- 48 Atchison St, St Leonards NSW 2065 ph: (02) 9437 9627 1. Dr Gabriella Unsen Consultant Psychiatrist AMA House Suite 103, 69 Christie St, St Leonards NSW 2065 ph: (02) 9966 4243 http://www.thesydneypsychiatrist.com.au 1. Dr Colleen Patterson Psychiatry - Psychotherapy - Neuroplastic Training - Medicare Rebates 6 Railway Ave, Eastwood NSW 2122 ph: (02) 9858 1662 1. Go to reachout.com website 1. Click on Mental Health Difficulties. 2. Analyze/review 3 specific case studies. 3. For each case analyze the issue which had occurred and the way it was treated. Stress ? Burnt Out This is a story about how a NSW student ?Daniel? handled the pressure of year 12. ...read more.


She was diagnosed with a psychotic depression halfway through year 12, but she?s had the illness since 12. With depression, she was also diagnosed with Bulimia a few years before psychotic depression and she was sexually abused when she was 6 which was probably the cause for her mental illnesses. She thinks she would still have depression and bulimia despite her being abused. Being abused, she felt dirty, disgusting, a bad person but she hasn?t done anything. She hated herself which led her to bingeing and purging. She thought she wasn?t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough and by throwing up she ate. She would really become depressed when she saw herself as a weak person who couldn?t control herself and her emotions. She had depression, did self-harm and tried to suicide because she had all these problems. The young girl was put on medication, and found a trustworthy counselor who helped her through her time. They encouraged her to write down their thoughts, find a hobby and try to surround her with caring, friendly, happy people because that makes her easier to get out of depression. ...read more.


1. How would you feel if you were diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar is something to not laugh about because you cannot control it and it may lead to something very serious. It is a presence of one of more episodes of abnormally elevated levels, cognition, and mood with depressive episodes. This disorder is subdivided into bipolar I, Bipolar II, cyclothymia and other types based on the severe-ness. If I had bipolar disorder, I would experience extreme moods that can change regularly and may not related to what is happening in my life. On the other hand, when there are difficulties managing my disorder, may lose my job, my loved one and have money problems. Having bipolar disorder, I would have to make major changes in my life: Having to have medication for the rest of my life, continuous therapy sessions, change my lifestyle by regulating patterns of my eating sleeping, stress management, and relaxation. If I didn?t have Bipolar Disorder, I would spend the time treating the disorder on more useful activities which can greatly contribute to my life: starting a family, knowing that I will not pass on this disease, and earning more money. ...read more.

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