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People Likely to Suffer from Depression

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Sarah Medley Current Topic Research Paper Assignment 18 November 2010 People Likely to Suffer From Depression Depression is the feeling of unhappiness and despair; as a mental illness, also characterized by an inability to function (Hales, G-2). Nearly 10% of American suffers from depression in one year (Murray). It may seem like high percentage of people that suffer from this disorder when you figure one in ten American suffered from depression the past 12 months. The truth is there are so many reasons a person can become depressed. This life-hindering disorder is caused by life-changing, traumatic, impacting experiences. The list is long; emotional physical or sexual abuse, loss of a loved one, family problems, and negative self image. ...read more.


If one spouse passes away, the other on is left alone. With the once regular attachment to be gone, the widow must now change the life the planned to continue with their loved-one. Depression can also start from a change in someone's life that is very difficult or seemingly impossible for that person to adjust to. New parents are likely to suffer from depression. Some mothers and fathers become stressed at the thought of the tremendous amount of responsibility they received from trading their previous more self-centered life to the life that requires focus on other people, a child. (Hudson) College students feel this same stress. They feel the pressure of hard college work, before they have even adjusted to living on their own, and have found their new college identity. ...read more.


An example would be racism between a Caucasian individual, or group even, and African American person. The genetics of the African American triggered the environment, or Caucasian person, to cause the African American to possibly feel a negative self-image. If this individual is unable to overcome this trauma, the racism will have lasting effects of influencing them to feel like their self is not worthy. Another similar situation involving negative self image as a cause for depression is obesity. Obesity can easily cause low self confidence, and cause an individual to withdrawal from others; a symptom of depression (Anderson). Obesity can also cause or be caused from lack of physical exercise. Exercise is a powerful way to make the body feel good by releasing endorphins. (Hales, 97) This is just one way the person does not feel positive, but feels negative. Exercise is mentally healthy as well. ...read more.

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