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Personal and Professional Development

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Personal and Professional development in health and social care Task 1 - Current Knowledge and Skills Skills: This is the skills acquired by a person whether its through work experience or education. There are many different types of skills whether academic, gross motor or interpersonal communication skills. Knowledge: This can mean the confident understanding of a subject with the ability to use for a specific purpose. Whether it's for practical or mental use, this can be learning, reasoning, communication and association. This is also the understanding that has been achieved during life through either experiences or through studying. Practice: This is most commonly known as the learning method: this could mean re-enacting an activity over and over again or could be rehearsing behaviour over again. This could be either sports or when learning a musical instrument which both take practice in order to achieve results. This could be working in order to achieve a goal or could also describe the way in which something is done. Strengths and Areas for Improvement Table Strengths Areas for development Communicating orally I can talk to people that I have know for a while confidently I need to be more confident when talking to others. I also need to speak slower and louder Communicating non-verbally I find it easy to express my feelings on paper rather than orally. ...read more.


Task Three - Care Values Values and Beliefs - "My Opinion of Care Values" The main purpose and meaning of care values are to "foster people's rights and responsibilities". Examples of this could be the right to be different Scenarios linked with Care Values "Jonathon works in a nursery with very small children on the same street as he lives. One of the neighbours met him on his lunch hour at a sandwich stand and asked 'how is little Jimmy getting on, his mother tries so hard?' Jonathon replied 'oh he is doing well, though he is slow at times'." In this scenario, Jonathon hasn't applied the care value of maintaining the confidentiality of information as he is giving out information he shouldn't about the children he works with which could actually lead to him being dismissed. If I was put in Jonathon's situation I would have just informed the neighbour that all of the children are doing well as this prevents any personal information getting out by not actually singling out one particular child thus respecting the care base value. "Alice is 26 and is in hospital recovering from a miscarriage. Her best friend Paula is a nurse on the ward. When Alice's boyfriend visits her in hospital, he asks Paula about Alice." ...read more.


I would also let the mobile residents use their independence and allow them to go out as long as they are back by a reasonable hour. I would arrange activities and outings to do during the day so that the residents don't get too bored and try to add variety to their lifestyle too. This way the residents would feel like they are more normal than if they just sat around doing nothing. Action Plan - Task Four For this task I am required to produce an action plan showing my self development and also if and when I have achieved my personal goals. It will include short term and long term goals, skills that I wish to have and it will also have three columns so I can review my progress. My personal goals Deadline for achievement of the goals Review 1 Review 2 Review 3 To pass driving test Hopefully by September 2008 To complete all assignments Whenever the assignment deadline is To get to all my lessons on time Ongoing as it will end up helping with time keeping in later life To complete and attend work experience 18th January 2008 To complete the Health and Social Care course Summer 2009 To go to university to study my chosen course When I get my BTEC results I will know whether I get to do what I want ...read more.

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