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Planning appropriate responses where child abuse is suspected or confirmed,

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Health and social care Fosterer Unit 10 P4, P5, M1&D1 Tracy 4 years old After providing an activity on assertiveness and instructing the children to say no Tracy discloses to you that an uncle who has been babysitting has been going to her bedroom on several accusations and has been fondling + touching her. She has told you not to tell anyone because she promised her uncle she would not tell anyone, if you tell he won?t buy me nice toys any more. The thing that concerns me about Tracy is that her uncle comes to her room and keeps touching her and telling her if she doesn?t tell anyone he will buy her toys. The way I would respond to this is I would listen to everything the child has got to say, because I have to look after them and their problem. While communicating with her, it should be done at their own pace and without pressure with that there will feel free to talk. You should have an unconditional acceptance among the children no matter what has happened as a teacher you have to look after all the children. I would ask the child one question what happened or where did he touch you and when the child starts talking make notes in my head. ...read more.


These strategies were chosen because it suites the curriculum and it involves around everyone activities in the nursery. It benefits them because it prevents depression, loneliness ect in future and it also allows them to be trust others in future in a relationship. However some of these strategies can be a problem when some children go home saying something of these strategies can be a problem when some children go home saying something about abuse and body part, this will make their parents annoyed; so when using these strategies we ought to be careful on what we teach them. These teaching are done according to their age. It will also endanger in future of what they know about their body part. At home they might prevent their from touching especially the male so it will become a problem because of what they have been taught in school, so the teacher should tech according to their age and using appropriate language. Some of these strategies might not work in reality, so you need to teach them the important things to tell someone. What is child protection? The child protection register is a confidential list of all children in the area who have been identified at a child protection conference as being at significant risk of harm. ...read more.


Ade 5 years old Ade has always been boisterous, however, her physical play has been rougher these day, she pushes smaller the children to get her toys back and slaps anyone who looks at her for short length of time saying ?don?t look at me like that ? pointing her finger. This reminded you of the day she came in with a bruised eye and her mother said had fallen off the swings. The thing that concerns me about Ade case is he came into the nursery with a bruised eye she was using aggressive language and her physical violence got worst. The way I would respond is straight away you would need to remind her nursery rules no hitting, no pushing and log it down in the incident book. Give Ade a warning and say that if you do it again you will be in trouble. An effective punishment could be to take away 15 minutes of their play time. However, this may make her react worse because all the other children are playing and she is not allowed. Come down to her level to make her feel comfortable and not intimidated, with a clam but firm tone of voice. Make eye contact and ask her why she is talking to the other children like that. Strategies and how it helps him in a positive and negative way. By Kabba Kamara - - ...read more.

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