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Planning Effective Communication with a Pupil with ADHD

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´╗┐Jessica Bascombe 20174011 Group D Unit 1: Developing effective communication and interpersonal skills in Health and Social Care M1: Benjamin, is 14 years old and suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), this makes it very difficult from him to concentrate in class and to interact effectively with his teachers and classmates. He is always getting into trouble with his teacher for 'messing around' in class and because of his hyperactivity he is finding it difficult to get along with other members of his group. A group of girls in his class have also started calling him nicknames and he recently got into a fight with a gang of boys. His English teacher Miss Wallace have stated that she is finding it difficult to communicate effectively with Benjamin and thinks that he should be expelled from school for his constant disruptive behavior. ...read more.


One-To-One Communication: Benjamin finds t hard to communicate one to one with his English teacher Mrs. Wallace effectively. One-To-One communication can be effective by making a trusted professional relationship with Benjamin this would enable him to feel relaxed and safe enough to talk can also be effective if Mrs. Wallace trys to begin interaction with Benjamin with a friendly greeting and end in a positive way and give him encouragement him with positive enforcement. Group Communication: Benjamin finds it difficult to communicate with his class mates, group communication can effective if the teachers provide activity's the promote group interaction, this could improve Benjamin?s self esteem and social skills this would encourage Benjamin to behave apparently. In order for group communication to work effectively for Benjamin, he would have to learn group interaction skills such as: - Co-operation - Listening - Sharing - Navigation - Conflict Resolution - Turn ...read more.


Communication between professionals and people using the services: Between professionals and people Benjamin?s mother has a meeting with his principal to discuss Benjamin behavior in class and with his classmates. This kind of communication would be effective for Benjamin because it would make him feel that he is being supported and his parents plus principal would try to identify his individual needs or additional needs and implementing/responding them the principal can try build a trusted, respectful, professional relationship between his other teachers and his classmates. Formal Communication: The principal could talk formal towards Benjamin mother the type of communication would be effective because it shows respect for others and promotes professionalism. To ensure the communication is effective the principal would have to speak in a way that avodes technical or jargon so this don?t leave the parent feeling confused or intimidated. The principal would had also wrote a formal letter. ...read more.

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