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primary research

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Primary Research Survey: In order to define what I consider by the term 'basic recipe', I decided to carry out a survey in order to see what others understand by the term 'basic recipe' and using my knowledge, as well as the results from my survey, I can define what I understand by the term a basic recipe'. 'What do you understand by the term 'a basic recipe?' * Something that is simple and easy to make and requires little skill or culinary talent * Something that is an easy recipe to make and cook * Something that consists of simple ingredients and is easy to make * Something that is a plain and simple recipe such as shortbread * Something that is easy to cook, make and consists of only a few ingredients * A recipe that is basic and simple to make. * Something that has few ingredients and simple instructions * Easy to understand, follow and make. * A simplistic a way to cook. * It is quick to make and doesn't have many ingredients. From asking 10 people what they understand by the term a 'basic recipe' it is evident that 100% of the people asked consider a basic recipe to be something that is easy and quick to make, understand and cook and contains only a few ingredients. ...read more.


Yes: IIII No: II Unsure: 7) Would you like there to be a wider range of healthy, nutritional foods and products in supermarkets and grocery stores encouraging people to use healthier foods more in meals? Yes: IIIII No: I don't think it will make a difference: I Evaluation of results: From my results I can tell that 5 out 5 people asked regularly cook basic recipes in their households: 40% of which cook basic recipes daily and 60% of which cook basic recipes on a regular basis. Although I asked 6 people in total, I only have 5 results for question one as one of the people asked did not understand the wording: 'basic meals'. One of the aims of my pilot questionnaire was to test the wording, and because one person did not understand the question this fulfils one of my aims. Because of this, I will make sure all the wording of all the questions in my questionnaire is clear and easy to understand, particularly in question one. I can also tell from my results that 16% of the people asked adapt recipes to reflect current dietary advice daily and 67% of people asked often adapt the basic recipes/meals to reflect current dietary advice. ...read more.


I also found out that 83% of people would like there to be a wider range of healthy, nutritional foods and products in supermarkets and grocery stores in order to encourage people to cook basic recipes that reflect current dietary advice and 17% of people think that it wouldn't make a difference. In conclusion, from my pilot questionnaire results, I conclude that there is confusion about what the healthy eating really is amongst the people asked and I think they are relying on the supermarkets to tell them and inform them on what foods are healthy. For example: 67% of people asked regularly buy 'healthier choice' products from supermarkets meaning that they are assuming these products are healthier than the usual standard product and therefore reflect current dietary advice. However, low fat 'healthier choice' products are often high sugar to add flavour because there is less fat in the food. From these results I am going to base my questionnaire on current healthy eating messages to see if people actually are aware of what healthy eating is. I will interlink the healthy eating message with basic recipes and see if people can interlink healthy eating with basic recipes in their cooking. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alice Reilly ...read more.

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