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Principles of Care - Depression

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Principles of care Introduction This assessment will look at Mr Jones. Mr Simon Jones is a thirty year old man, referred to Mental Health Services by his General Practitioner (G.P) He is married with 2 children and works as a supervisor at a local call centre. He is buying his own home and runs a car. He has been worrying a lot, feels under pressure and has been increasingly depressed in the last 3 months. His sleep and appetite are poor and he has fleeting ideas of killing himself. Case Study Mr Jones walked home alone and bewildered after his consultation with his G.P, he was sure to be labelled as a nutter by his colleagues at work once they knew that he had to been referred to the Mental Health Services. The thoughts crowded his head as he turned the box of Prozac over and over in his hands. He opened the box and retrieved the leaflet from inside reading the first part: What your medication is prescribed for. Prozac (Generic Name: fluoxetine) affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause depression, panic, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Prozac is used to treat major depressive disorder, bulimia nervosa (an eating disorder) obsessive compulsive disorder, and panic disorder. Drugs (2006) Mr Jones's G.P had explained to him about Sever depression, also called major depression which can dramatically impair a person's ability to function in social situations as well as at work. ...read more.


The man sitting behind the desk introduced himself to Mr Jones as Dr Reeds. Dr Reeds asked Mr Jones to think of possibilities of solutions and changes that he thought would best help him. After Mr Jones had thought about the question he started to explain the things that had occurred within his life and how they had made him feel no matter how small it had been it had had a dramatic affect on his moods. Dr Reeds used his active 'listening skills' nodding in the right places making Mr Jones think about the last sentence / comment he had just made, by the end of the hour session Mr Jones had not only given Dr. Reeds a clearer picture of what was going on in his mind but himself too. By hearing himself explaining and telling someone else his problems it had turned and really he had explained it to himself. Dr Reeds asked Mr Jones what he had intended to do about his new found problems and how he could turn his life around. A psychotherapist will not tell the patient what to do but enables the patient to set their own goals over their lives. Nobody can tell an individual what to do; with determination the mind is a very powerful tool. Paul Gilbert (2000) On returning to his ward with determination to turn his life around Mr Jones was met by the consultant. ...read more.


The family have been informed that because his illness is hereditary that there was a 20% chance that one of his children might inherit it. Dr Stefan Cembrowicz and Dr Dorcas Kingham (2002) Mrs Jones was taken to one side and advised on what procedures to take if she felt that her husband's treatment started failing. Sometimes people who suffer from depression do not always realise early enough. 1. Request a re- assessment 2. Contact your G.P - the medication may need looking at 3. Are you or your children safe / is your husband safe? Toni Battison (2004) Mrs Jones was given leaflets on how to care for somebody with depression at home. Within these leaflets were phone numbers and internet addresses that Mrs Jones could access to retrieve any information required or to talk to others within the same situation as hers. Conclusion. Depression whether it be mild or severe is quite common. Depression often ends in suicide because suicide is often a last cry for help. Depression can have a serious effect on not only the patient but their spouses and children. Councillors are experienced in working with depressive clients therefore help them to express their needs and experiences, depressed people need to be understood. It will seem hard to express ones emotions and needs to start with as a depressed person often does not know why they are depressed. Their negativity needs to be challenged and turned into a positive this requires a lot of will power but can only be achieved by the sufferer. ...read more.

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