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Public Health Unit 12 P1 Describe key aspects of public health in the UK

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P1 ? Describe key aspects of public health in the UK Introduction: In this task I will be producing a description of each approach to health education. I will also use examples that may help my explanations. There are 6 key aspects of public health I will be talking about are: * Monitoring the health status of the population * Identifying the health needs of the population * Controlling communicable diseases * Promoting the health of the population * Developing programs to reduce risk and screen for disease early on * Planning and evaluating the provision of health and social care * Monitoring the health status of the population Monitoring the health status means tracking changes in the health of the population and alerting people to potential problems for example: the rising levels of obesity within the population. Another example can be that in another country the drug use can rise due to certain amount of people taking drugs. While monitoring the health status?s of the population we should be very aware that in certain countries is very much different. Health problems can rise in America, whereas in the United Kingdom it can be very low. ...read more.


The health needs of individual patients coming through the consulting room door may not reflect the wider health needs of the community. If people have a health problem that they believe cannot be helped by the health service, then they will not attend. Individual needs and the wider needs of the community is important in the planning and provision of local health services. If these needs are ignored then there is a danger of approach to providing health services, which relies too heavily on what a few people perceive to be the needs of the population rather than what they actually are. For example: A patient goes to his local GP to get advised on his weight. The service user gets told he is obese and to overcome this he will get a free pass to go gym and should do other exercising activities and not only rely on gym. Also this means to check what and how his eating, to be more specific and careful. http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/44310000/gif/_44310527_global_child_obesity_gr416.gif Health needs assessment is the organised approach to ensuring that the health service uses its resources to improve the health of the population in the most efficient way. ...read more.


* Planning and evaluating the provisions of health and social care The Needs and assessment cuts across a number of key areas of spending, and represents and determined and interesting piece of work, with each of the separate studies being significant projects in their own right. The government has always allowed private health care. Many doctors work both for the NHS and privately, so patients who want private health care have the choice to receive private healthcare in NHS hospitals or attend a private hospital. Planning and evaluating the provision of health and social care is accessing the facility to the relevant health services and whether or not they are having sufficient impact on the problem. A crucial part of evaluating health care is accessing the quality of health care. Appointing or planning health care begins with an assessment of needs. This requires information on * Areas & Unmet needs * Incidence/or occurrence of disease(s) of notice * Effectiveness of involvements available Conclusions: I have spoken about the figures and statistics of the 6 aspects. I have usen some source from the internet that is from my bibliography. I have used the Health and Social Care book as well as this has helped me find my information and source. ...read more.

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