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sectionB2 of promoting health and well-being

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Section B 2 Name: Claire Stevenson Age: 22 Job title: Nursery supervisor What is a Nursery supervisor? She was working in a management role caring for children of varying age range including babies, toddlers, pre-school children and school aged children. Before she was a supervisor she was able to do the supervision of the nursery and supervise staff working in your area of responsibility, ensuring children act regulations are followed and Ofsted standards are met. As a supervisor she will have to working with the Nursery Manager in the planning of staff rotas and breaks ensuring recommended ratios are maintained. To actively participate in the care and supervision of the children's timetable and co-ordinate a varied programme of activities and play opportunities that are safe and stimulating, suitable to the children's stage of development, promoting positive behaviour and desirable learning outcomes, Carrying out necessary administration and record keeping, including registers, observations and reports, incident report forms and accident report form. ...read more.


It can get a bit noisy, but she'll never get bored. What qualifications are needed? She has: * Degree graduates. * Experience working in an educational setting within the UK which is an advantage. * Experience/confidence with 11 to 16 year olds * The necessary skills to manage safely classroom activities, the physical learning space and resources for which they are responsible; * Understanding and she's able to use a range of strategies to deal with classroom behaviours as whole and also individual behavioural needs. * NVQ level 3 in Childcare and Education * BTEC in Nursery Nursing, GNVQ 4, Advanced GNVQ. Do I have the right skills and interests? Before she could be a nursery supervisor, she had the following skills and interests. * A warm, caring, patient nature. * Good communication skills. * A sense of responsibility. * Consistent and fair. * A sense of humour. * Physically fit. * Creative ideas. * An awareness of safety and hygiene. ...read more.


She has to set policies, procedures and guidelines for the clients to follow and make sure that they are being followed. The parents of the children have to read the policies of the service and make sure that are all being followed. She has to make sure that there is no discrimination in the service. There can be different types of discrimination and they include; * Age discrimination- some of them might think of others as being very young. Discrimination can creep into our thinking if we think of some age group as being the best or if we make the assumption about the abilities of different age groups. * Gender discrimination- in the past men often had more rights than women and was seen as more important. * Religion discrimination- people grow up in different religion. For some, people spiritual beliefs are at the centre of their understanding of life. She has to make sure that in the service none of these sorts of discriminations takes place in fact no discrimination should take place at all. ?? ?? ?? ?? SOLLIZ AMBO-ANJEH ...read more.

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