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Self image & self esteem.

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Self-esteem How well or how badly a person feels about him or herself and how high they value their skills and abilities. Self-image How a person imagines him or herself to be and how they see themselves given the reactions of others around them. The factors that influence a person's self-concept are: * Age * Appearance * Gender * Culture * Relationships * Abuse * Family * Socialisation * Income * Media * Education * Emotional health and well being * Environment Family Depending on how well their relationships are within the family could have a major impact on a person's self-esteem and self-image. Our idea of our self develops because of the way people who are close to us behave with us. ...read more.


Income Growing up in a low-income household may influence a person's way of thinking about themselves. For instance, if a child hasn't got what his or her friends have got (like a popular toy or game) the child could feel left out, different from others or feel like they are missing out on something. Media People may compare themselves to what they see in the media today. Like magazines and television, they could feel like they have to look like that or else they are ugly or fat or not perfect. They might feel that they would not be accepted. Media also influences our beliefs and our culture and how we see ourselves with our cultures. ...read more.


For teenagers and young men and women today, the media puts pressure on them to be perfect. If you can't do this you could end up with a negative self-image and low self-esteem. Gender Basic issues such as gender and ethnicity will be major factors in the way a person forms a self-image. There are different social expectations of men and women in the way they dress and behave and what interests and hobbies they have. This starts at a very young age. Although today there are less differences between men and women those that still happen can put pressure on a person's self esteem, for example, a women in a high powered job working with lots of men. ...read more.

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