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Should Spanking Be allowed

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Gabrielle Gove PE 140. 01 Ms. James February 18, 2007 Concept Paper # 1 One of the most talked about and observed, discipline methods is the punishment of spanking. To some people, spanking defines as "slapping a child on the buttocks", while others define spanking as a term for any punishment that does not cause any form of injury. An example of this would be exhibiting bad manners at the dinner table. The purpose of this essay is to explain the general concept of spanking, to examine its effectiveness and ineffectiveness, to suggest other forms of discipline, and to explain my view on the issue. Is spanking a child an effective issue or are their other issues to think about? There are parents who believe it is okay to spank their children and there are parents who believe that children should not be spanked whatsoever. Right in the middle are parents who believe that spanking should only be used in particular instances, an example of this would be when a child steals something. ...read more.


The only lesson they learn is that they should try hard to not get caught next time by their parents. "Spanking also sends the wrong message to children. Spanking communicates that hitting is an acceptable way to solve problems, and that it is Gove 3 alright for a big person to strike a little one. In addition, when children are spanked, they may know that they have done something wrong, but in many cases, they are too young to understand the lesson. It is a very hard message for a child and parent to understand: "I hurt you because I don't want you hurt." (Ramsburg, 1997, pg. 2). When spanking is used as the primary method of discipline, it may leave some harmful long-term effects on children such as increasing a child's misbehavior, aggressive behavior, violent or criminal behavior, impaired learning, depression, and low self-esteem. For a punishment to be effective, parents should use discipline that is appropriate for a child's age. For infants, spanking will only cause fear and anxiety because they do not yet understand the concept of danger and their consequences. ...read more.


If a parent hits a child, for doing something wrong the child might become insecure and get the wrong impression. If a child sees another child doing something wrong that child might hit the child for doing a wrong thing. Also, if a parent keeps hitting a child it might grow out of control, and lead to serious child abuse. For example in the book "A Child Called It" a boy is beaten by is emotionally, unstable, alcoholic mother. The punishments went from time-out to spanking, to whipping and punching. I agree whole hardly on the topic "Spanking Gets A Time Out" by Victoria Clayton. I believe that parents should find new ingenious ways to discipline their children. As for me, I would never even think of hitting my own children and if they are acting up I would just do time out instead. The question whether or not parents should spank their children is not an easy question to answer. I believe spanking is not effective and that parents should not resort to that kind of behavior. Parents should find new ways to discipline their children so that they would grow up to be good people. ...read more.

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