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Smoking.Smoking is a very bad habit and can leave a lot of bad consequences. Some people smoke tobacco, cannabis or cocaine.

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Lifestyle factor: Smoking Smoking is a very bad habit and can leave a lot of bad consequences. Some people smoke tobacco, cannabis or cocaine. But most people smoke tobacco or as we more commonly know it, your ordinary cigarette. Tobacco comes from the leaves of the tobacco plant. It contains a drug called nicotine, which is highly addictive. It's nicotine that gives smokers their 'hit'. Smoking any drug gets it to the brain quickly. When a smoker inhales, the nicotine reaches the brain in around 8 seconds. Regular smokers say it helps them relax and feel less hungry. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug. Smokers can get hooked very quickly and it can take years and a huge effort to kick the habit. ...read more.


Many of them are known to do nasty things to the human body including causing cancer. Nicotine speeds up the heart rate and increases blood pressure. First time smokers often feel sick and dizzy. Smokers are more likely to get coughs and chest infections. Long-term addiction could leave you with cancer, emphysema (related to your lungs) or heart disease. Smoking has been linked to the amputation of 2,000 limbs a year. It's estimated smoking contributes to 120,000 premature deaths in the UK every year. Other people breathing in your smoke could end up with breathing difficulties, asthma or even cancer. Some people prefer to smoke cannabis most of them being teenagers and young people. Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Britain. ...read more.


Stronger 'joints' (e.g. typically when skunk or sinsemilla is used) may have more powerful effects. Some users may moderate this effect by actually inhaling and using less strong cannabis; but others may find it becomes tempting to 'binge smoke' them. The regular use of cannabis is known to be associated with an increase in the risk of later developing psychotic illnesses including schizophrenia. If the recent increase in availability of stronger forms of cannabis does lead to an increase in total use by some people, this might also lead to an increase in their future risk of developing mental health problems. Nobody knows the answer to this question yet. Whether you smoke cannabis or tobacco it is equally wrong and bad for you and your health. Smoking should not be such a popular habit especially with teenagers and young people. ...read more.

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